Some friends and colleagues have been kindly giving me recommendations, read them here:

Ong Hock Chuan, Co-founder Maverick
Capable, sociable, vocal and street smart is Ollie. And principled too. I’d do business or partner with her any day

Niels Jansen, Communications Manager at 1%CLUB, Holland
Aulia is the spider in the web in many fields. Her personality, and knowledge and network, are great to work together with. A ‘must follow’ type of person.

Michel Birnbaum, Partner, iGlobe Partners (Venture Capital), Singapore
I have known Ollie for the past two years and have had the pleasure to work with her periodically during that time. She is a joy to share ideas with and can think out of the box as an Entrepreneur. She is bursting with energy and kindness and richly deserves all the recognition she gets as a role model for Indonesian women. Along with her co-founders at Startup Lokal she epitomizes the potential of Indonesia and its young people.
I am grateful to count Ollie as one of my friends both in business and personally.

Faisal Asif, Entrepreneur & IT Professional, Saudi Arabia
Aulia is highly professional in managing multiple business instances at the same time, full of positive energy and motivation. She’s one of the most smart women I’ve come across in multinational business orientation and organizational growth. Not just representing multiple brand names but also achieving her set goals as planned. She’s highly ‘on-the-schedule’ kind of person, always on time!

Anantya Van Bronckhorst, Executive Director | Think.Web
Aulia is one of the most energised and high spirited person i’ve ever met. Her passion in digital translated perfectly when we initiate Girls In Tech Indonesia. Connecting and enabling other girls to enjoy and enter the technology world is certainly her passion. I believe we will see more of her great work via Girls In Tech Indonesia

Ika Natassa, Bestselling Author
Ollie level of multitasking is almost not human 😉 She does a million things at once – write, design, manage her companies and start ups – and every time we meet, she always looks as energetic as she could be. Ollie possesses a warm and friendly disposition, one of the few people that we could feel comfortable on bouncing ideas with. I am pleased – and proud – to have Ollie as a friend and as a colleague, and I am looking forward to many more amazing endevaours from this can-do woman in the future.

Natali Ardianto, CTO, Initiator of #StartupLokal community
Ollie is a very mature, creative and hard working individual. I seldom ever see such a woman with a huge interest in the IT industry, especially in Indonesia. With such a busy schedule of running several companies at once, I can only admire here effort and persistence in the #StartupLokal community as an initiator. Ollie is absolutely the right person as a perfect role model for any female entrepreneurs out there. I bid Ollie success and happiness in years to come.

Chandra Marsono, Strategist
Aulia is a reliable IT manager and resourceful solution maker. Her worked has helped our project excel and on-time without any complications.

Batista Harahap, Chief Innovation Officer at
Aulia or who we fondly call Ollie is a geek in disguise. Any involvement with Ollie will surely be a memorable moment, as do any startups, it all begins with passion and Ollie is full of it!

Catur PW, Founder, Managing Director of Magni7 Digital
Aulia is an creative active writer and one of successful e-store owner

Hendy Irawan, Chief Technical Officer at Bippo
Professionally, Aulia (Ollie) is hard-working, tends to be workaholic, super creative, able to get job done in freakishly little time.. especially under pressure 🙂 Emotionally, she’s such an adorable good friend 🙂

Ifa Avianty, Writer of 70 books
Ollie is one of a few inspiring writer in Indonesia, one who doesn’t just write, but also inspire the readers.

Alexis Brille, Entrepreneur and Interaction/Information Designer, Co-founder Va & co
Ollie envisions and operates on a holistic level of thinking, that’s what I highly regard of her. The fact that she has love for almost seemingly opposite interests such fashion, writing, technology and life itself allows us to communicate on all the things that we love about in harmony and at the same time, allows us to utilize knowledge from one industry to another to discover ideas that are outside the box (a huge advantage compared to when you operate only in 1 industry at a time). Plus, she’s a great friend 🙂

Fajar Anugerah, SWITCH Asia
Ollie is always full of ideas, energy and seems to know how manage both to make them into reality. I’m also fond of her writings, which reflect honesty and positive outlook of the world.

Hanny Kusumawati, Creative Director Maverick
Ollie is a bright women with a wonderful personality. As the chairwoman of Indonesia’s national gathering of online and offline communities ON|OFF in 2011, she has shown her leadership skills, pouring in her commitment and passion to make the event a successful one. With her great people skills (and media skills) as well as her perseverance and positive attitude, working together with Ollie has become such a pleasant experience, and I am looking forward upon another opportunities to work with this amazing lady in the near future.

Irman Fauzi, Senior programmer
Ollie is friendly, smart, beautiful, passionate & persistent about what she’s doing, and hardworking to make her dream come true.

Asfar Sadewa, TOGAF 9 Certified Architect / Group MIS Application Manager
Ollie is a spirited learner. She quickly embraces new and interesting things, and with the same pace, apply them on her daily conduct. She is full of ideas, and is able to maintain the creative process to make her what she is now.