• Personal

    A Day with Saphia

    I have this photo blog called Jakarta Daily Photo and I have a lot of foreigners appreciating the blog because it shows the beauty side of Jakarta. One of the comment I got is from Saphia, a French girl who’s coming visiting Jakarta for work related and would spend months here. We met at National museum (along with her friends and also my new friends) and it’s my first time there. Local Jakartan don’t really come to museums hehe. Then we went to eat some Indonesian food. While eating her too-spicy-according-to-her nasi cobek, I learned that Saphia really grateful she could eat a halal Burger King in Jakarta. It’s the…

  • Life

    Your Biggest Life Regret

    Watch the amazing video made in Ireland >> One Town, 50 different People, One very difficult Question: What is your biggest life regret? If I have to answer it, maybe I’d need to pause for couple of minutes. I’d probably would say, I didn’t have anything to regret in my life. Because everything happened for a reason. But if I really have to answer it. My biggest life regret is… hurting someone’s feeling back then and I haven’t got a chance to actually say, “I’m so sorry.” How about you? What is your biggest life regret?

  • Love & Relationship

    Women: Should You Hold Back?

    After a discussion with several friends, I found out that many successful women feel the need to hold back and slow down their career so their man can catch up and help brush man ego to eventually save the relationship. I think women should never do that. His lack of self confidence and insecurity is not your problem. Here’s what Trinity thought about this matter. How about you? What do you think? Should women slow down for her beloved man? Your browser does not support the video tag