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A New Beginning: From Washington DC to New York City

People often go to India or Nepal for spiritual search. But to me, I had my spiritual journey in the United States of America. I was invited by US State Department as one of 28 delegates from 28 countries (Argentina, Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Ghana, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, […]


Fiction Writing Tips: How to Create Outline and Generate Ideas

When you write a story or a book, it’s only going to be useful for your readers, when you finish it. What I’ve heard from time to time, young aspiring writers have difficulties to finished a writing. I wrote the 3 basic rules to finish a book. One of them is about writing outline. An […]


Unleashing Women Power with Technology

Just like Michelangelo who already can see ‘an angel’ inside a marble stone that later we know as statue of ‘David’, I also can see how women potential can sparks with technology. Women have highly potential traits like the ability to multitask; able to use time effectively, they have more empathy, they will think about […]


Why I Love Poetry

The first time I have interest in Poetry was when I visit Dublin, Ireland in 2011. There, in a small bookstore near Trinity College, I saw a whole shelf full of Poetry books and I thought, I never see something like this in Indonesia. Poetry has been stamped as an ‘art’ that could never be […]


Things to do Before You Turn 30

I’m inspired by this post by Dimas about what you should do before 30. By reading the title of this post alone, you should know a little bit about my age :)) So here we go, my version of what you should do before 30: Backpack out of the country My first time backpacking was […]


How to Repent

Ramadan is the best time to review our life and check if we have done something that Allah dislikes. And surely, because we’re only human, we will make mistakes. Unlike the Angels, that will only act on Allah’s command, human will initiate a lot of actions in his life according to his brain and common […]


Makassar International Writers Festival 2013

It was unforgettable moment for me, to be able to witness more 700 young people of Makassar, gathered in Fort Rotterdam and enjoy, really enjoying, poetry reading at the closing ceremony of Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) 2013 @makassarwriters. I said to Josephine Chia, fellow speaker & writer from Singapore, “Josephine, this is big.” Josephine […]


Birthday in Istanbul

“I strongly suggest you to postpone your trip to Istanbul!” My heart sank. I got a warning message from my good friend in Istanbul, just a week before my scheduled trip to spend my birthday there. There’s a protest-gone-wrong in Taksim Square, and things didn’t look good. But of course, if you tell me I […]


From the First ASEAN Youth Entrepreneurs Seminar & Exposition Brunei

This is my second time visiting Brunei. The last time was to speak at Think Big Innovate 2012. And few days ago I’m back to Brunei to speak about entrepreneurship to ASEAN young entrepreneurs on the first ASEAN Youth Entrepreneurs Seminar and Exposition. I thought this time I’m going to focus on one message: about […]


ASEAN Blogger Festival Indonesia 2013

It was such a great opportunity for me to be able to join the ASEAN Blogger Festival (ABFI) 2013 in Solo, Indonesia. I was fortunate to attend such event in Kuala Lumpur and Bali, few years back, so I can be able to say that now I’m part of the ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian […]


My Experience with Touchscreen Ultrabook

Now that most of my gadgets are touchscreen, it’s natural to wanting a touchscreen Ultrabook for my daily use. And finally I got to experience it with my new Acer Aspire S7. It’s using the powerful Intel Core i7 and Windows 8. Hottest things combined in an already stylish, ultra-thin Ultrabook. The first difference I […]


Why Teachers must Write

Saya merasa di Indonesia, menulis belum mendapat ruang yang cukup di sekolah. Padahal saat ini semua dilakukan dengan menulis. Mulai dari menulis email, menulis pesan via whatsapp/bbm, ngetwit sampai update status. Semua membutuhkan keahlian menulis. Jika tidak biasa menulis, bisa-bisa yang ditulis akan menimbulkan kebingungan dan salah kaprah banyak orang, pesan dalam tulisan tidak akan […]


Kartini Next Generation Award 2013: Inspiring Women in ICT

It’s an honor for me to receive the Kartini Next Generation 2013 Special Award – Inspiring Woman in ICT by Ministry of Communications and Information Technology Republic of Indonesia with other inspiring women in several sectors like education, entrepreneurship, social community and creative media. My love to technology started when my dad bought me my […]


The Spirit of Kartini: Make Your Dreams Come True

“I have longed to make the acquaintance of a “modern girl,” that proud, independent girl who has all my sympathy! She who, happy and self-reliant, lightly and alertly steps on her way through life, full of enthusiasm and warm feeling; working not only for her own well-being and happiness, but for the greater good of […]


Winners: Ulas Buku Cerita di Balik Noda

Saya teringat kembali perjalanan backpacking saya ke Mesir bulan lalu. Saat itu kami jalan dalam satu grup dan rute perjalanan kami terhitung ‘mission impossible’ karena melewati banyak kota, mulai dari Cairo, Luxor, Aswan, Alexandria hingga hiking ke gunung Sinai. Cuaca di Mesir yang sangat panas di siang hari dan sangat dingin di malam hari, perjalanan […]


I was in a movie when @AlexisBrille chat me, showing her new blog, new videos, new tutorials, and I remember my own blog. The last time I change the theme was a year ago and I think it’s time for a little bit of ‘redecoration’. So, even though I was enjoying the movie, at the back of my mind, I can’t wait to go home.

I’ve been wanting to do a single column blog and I’ve found a suitable Theme for that. I tweak a little bit, making my new logo, choosing slim web font as I like, fix menus, widgets and all the details. And I’m done.

It is important for me to make a progress in my life, that would give a positive impact for my next plan. After completing a book of 80 poetry with Hanny @beradadisini for 5 hours on Saturday, as silly as it might sound, this new blog look, is how productivity looks like to me.


Chosen One

~ ~

There are no chosen one. We’re all chosen, if, instead of wondering, what am I doing here, we decide to do something that fills our heart with enthusiasm. Related PostsRock & Roll Awareness Sometimes awareness come to our mind after we experience hardships in life. I heard the term …


Indonesia: The Pivot State of SouthEast Asia

I was interviewed by Marie, a student at the French university “Sciences Po” in Paris who’s been very interested in SouthEast Asia. She read an article about me in the French newspaper “Le Monde” and she decided to contact me and ask questions about my career, my perception of innovation in Indonesia, my ideas about […]


Backpacking Trip to Egypt – Behind the Scene Photos

My backpacking trip to Egypt has so much stories that I can’t contain in one blog post. So, I thought, I want to share some of the ‘behind the scene’ photos of my trip thru Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria, all taken with iPhone. Enjoy! Related PostsBackpacking Trip to EgyptWhen you travel, you experience, in […]


Backpacking Trip to Egypt

When you travel, you experience, in a very practical way, the art of rebirth. -Paulo Coelho, The Pilgrimage I woke up this morning to the scent of Lotus flower and I thought I was still in Egypt. I bought Lotus perfume at Khan El-Khalili Market, from a persistent seller who start the conversation by showing […]