As you probably have read on About Me page, I’ve written 30 books.

I’m going to list some of them here:

Done is Better than Perfect

My first biography book, featuring the story of a successful digital marketer in Indonesia, Denny Santoso.






Passport to Happiness

My travelogue on the quest of finding happiness after my divorce in 11 cities all over the world. Have I found what I’m looking for?







The Power in You

Power in YouI saw more and more young people in Indonesia are losing their power and self confidence. They don’t know who they really are and they’re lost in other people’s opinion about what they should do about their life. To remind 100 million Indonesian youth of their power, I wrote this book.

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Girls & Tech

girlsntechProbably one of my most important books, addressing the importance of women to be curious and using technology to solve problems in society. Women would do things differently. Women have special traits that men don’t have. We are a natural multi-tasker, we have bigger empathy to think about other people’s well-being (especially for our team), technology will help women to find solution for problems in community, we’re more creative and we code differently too. This is all our strength, that when combined with technology can produce a high impact technology-based products that will benefit the economy of wider community, and of course will accelerate our success.

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Yes, You Can!

yesyoucanI have changed from a regular ordinary student in my teens, to someone who has build high impact tech startups like, write 25 books, have my own boutique and named one of 50 inspiring people selected by editor in chiefs in Intisari Magazine this year, before I reach 30 years old.

I got a lot of questions from “How you do it in such a young age?” “How you can finished writing that many books?” “How to start?” “How to eliminate fear of starting?” etc.

I also met a lot of inspiring and successful people. I make sure I surround myself with those positive and supporting friends or new friends. I make a habit that everytime I meet them, I will notice their qualities and even asked them about the secret of their success, what is their values in life.

This is what inspired the making of ‘Yes, You Can!’

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This book inspire the creation of because it got rejected twice from major publisher despite its important and valuable topic.

Buku ini membahas tentang bagaimana saya bisa menulis novel-novel saya yang ber-setting di Seattle dan Paris meskipun saya sama sekali belum pernah kesana. Tadinya saya berpikir bahwa pasti semua orang sudah tau tentang internet, ternyata ada potensi-potensi menarik dari internet yang saya ketahui namun belum diketahui oleh teman yang lain. Di buku ini lah saya mencoba berbagi pengalaman saya riset melalui internet, yang telah membantu saya menulis 27 buku hingga saat ini dan juga membantu saya menjadi freelance writer/blogger seperti sekarang ini

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Apart from writing books, I also create my own blank line-less notebook that I called LOVEbook by Ollie

LOVEbook: My Miracle Journal

My Miracle Journal-001
LOVEbook is blank notebook series by Ollie. LOVEbook adalah seri buku catatan kosong tanpa garis dari Ollie.

‘My Miracle Journal’ notebook will remind you to notice the miracle that happens in your life every day. Albert Einstein said — ‘There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.’ When you appreciate more, you’ll get more. Ollie personally use it too, to invite abundance to her life.

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LOVEbook: Love Journal


LOVEbook is blank notebook series by Ollie. LOVEbook adalah seri buku catatan kosong tanpa garis dari Ollie.

‘Love’ notebook was made to remind yourself of love all day long. And it’s important because love is the ultimate power that will help you to reach your maximum potential. Ollie personally use it too as the source of her inspirations.

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LOVEbook: Thank You Journal

Thank You-001

LOVEbook is blank notebook series by Ollie. LOVEbook adalah seri buku catatan kosong tanpa garis dari Ollie.

‘Thank You’ notebook was made to remind yourself to be thankful every single day. When you appreciate more, you’ll get more. Ollie personally use it too to nurture her gratitude and create her own luck.

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  2. julia

    mbak saya cinta bgt sama buku mbak yg Je m’appelle Lintang, tp sygnya buku saya hilang. sudah saya cari kemana2 sudah nggak ada yg jual lg… :C


  3. kritik

    anda cantik dan pintar.. tapi kok bajunya pada gak matching… kecuali bukunya, sy gak suka penampilannya hehehe pis


  4. keren-keren bukunya mbak ollie, saya belum sempet beli, tapi pernah baca sedikit punya teman, dari beberapa bab yg saya baca, saya terkesan sekali.

    terkesan, tapi kok nggak beli ya? hmmm… nanti klo ada uang saya beli, sementara ini saya pinjam dari teman, gantian bacanya, hehehe


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