Recognizing Small Victories and Moving Forward to 2015

I’ve been a Muslim and embracing Islam all my life. While Islam means surrender, only recently that I surrender myself to the compassion and love of God. Accepting the fact that what I need is not neccessarily the same with what I want. And at the end of the year, I found myself losing some people I trust, losing a business I nurture for years, let go precious stuff I had, yet I gained so much more. In the midst of chaos, I finally found myself. In my religion, the first revelation that The Prophet Muhammad SAW received was ‘Iqra’ means […]

Creating Miracles through Entrepreneurship – Key Lessons from Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 in Marrakech

Whoever seeks miracles, will find it. I believe miracles can help accelerate our action beyond the initial plan and entrepreneurs are the best people to get inspirations from on how to create miracles. That is exactly why I’m so excited to attend Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco, to represent my company – an online self-publishing print-on-demand platform in Indonesia. 6800 participants (mostly entrepreneurs and investors), 194 speakers, 405 medias are buzzing at the #GES2014, opening gate of serendipity and new opportunities. I’m one of the lucky 70 young entrepreneurs from 30 countries around the world, to be invited as a delegate […]

Beijing International Book Fair 2014

I’m thrilled to be able to visit my first International Book Fair, Beijing International Book Fair 2014 (BIBF 2014) to represent with the winners of Tulis Nusantara 2014 writing competition (Ruwi from Ponorogo, Gege from Makassar & Rijal from Aceh) and Officials from the Ministry of Travel and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia. Surely, China, a country that published nearly 8 billion books and 255,000 new titles a year, is an important region to watch. We skipped the Great Wall of China and went directly to New China International Exhibition Center (NCIEC) around an hour from city center. BIBF […]

Speaking on Innovation at rAsia Forum Moscow 2014

The only thing I remember about Russian is usually they’re on Hollywood movies in furry coat, being a secret agent, lots of snow and cold face. So when I’m invited by the Embassy of The Republic Indonesia for The Russian Federation to speak at rAsia Forum in Moscow, I met Russian who speak and joke in Bahasa Indonesia, like Dr Ludmila Demedyuk, plus beautiful sunny weather. It’s nothing like I ever imagine before. Indonesia is the partner of rAsia Forum 2014. rAsia Forum is an international event held in Moscow, inviting speakers from all around the world including Indonesia, USA, UK, […]

From Tech Forum Central Asia 3 In Almaty, Kazakhstan

I came to Almaty, Kazakhstan, as a trainer at Tech Forum Central Asia 3, but the truth is, I’m the one learning so much from this trip. First, I’ve learned that Almaty is one beautiful and unique city. The city has a magical background of the snow-capped mountains that reminds me of Narnia. I told my friends that nobody can ever be depressed in Almaty. When you feeling down, all you have to do is to held your head up, watch the mountains and you’ll be okay in no time. A mix of ethnic groups in Almaty also the reason […]

How to Work in Paradise: Start with Hubud

Last weekend, I have to work overtime but I have nothing to complain about, because I was working in paradise. and The Bay Bali held a writing competition ‘Letters of Happiness’ and a writing workshop in Bali. Me, my partners and my lovely writer friend Feby Indirani, headed to Nusa Dua, to speak in front of 50 aspiring writers, doing writing exercises while enjoying the sound of the beach nearby. I sat down near the coconut tree and wonder to myself, am I working? Because it felt like a holiday! I went straight to Ubud the next day […]

Empowering Productivity at CrowdSourcing Week Global Conference 2014

People say, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” – I was definitely in the right room when I attended CrowdSourcing Week Global Conference 2014 in Singapore, 7 – 10 April 2014. The event was packed with brilliant speakers and visionary audiences. That way, I found myself learning new things about crowdsourcing, crowdfunding, co-creation and open innovation the whole time I was at the conference. I’m one of CrowdSourcing Week 2014 advisors from Indonesia and Epi Ludvik Nekaj, founder & CEO of CrowdSourcing Week, was speaking about CrowdSourcing at StartupLokal meetup last February in Jakarta. […]

A New Beginning: From Washington DC to New York City

People often go to India or Nepal for spiritual search. But to me, I had my spiritual journey in the United States of America. I was invited by US State Department as one of 28 delegates from 28 countries (Argentina, Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Ghana, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, Mauritius, Mexico, Morocco, Pakistan, the Palestinian Territories, Paraguay, Philippines, Portugal, South Sudan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Turkey, and Uzbekistan) to participate in IVLP (International Visitor Leadership Program), with a focus in entrepreneurship. We call the program, ‘A New Beginning 2013’ #ANB13 I’ve been invited to […]

Makassar International Writers Festival 2013

It was unforgettable moment for me, to be able to witness more 700 young people of Makassar, gathered in Fort Rotterdam and enjoy, really enjoying, poetry reading at the closing ceremony of Makassar International Writers Festival (MIWF) 2013 @makassarwriters. I said to Josephine Chia, fellow speaker & writer from Singapore, “Josephine, this is big.” Josephine was like, yeah it’s great. “No, no, Josephine. This is HUGE. This is AMAZING.” Most Indonesian people enjoy music concerts. But they have yet to embrace literary events. Maybe because those kind of events are simply nowhere to be seen. So, I salute the hardworking […]

Birthday in Istanbul

“I strongly suggest you to postpone your trip to Istanbul!” My heart sank. I got a warning message from my good friend in Istanbul, just a week before my scheduled trip to spend my birthday there. There’s a protest-gone-wrong in Taksim Square, and things didn’t look good. But of course, if you tell me I can’t, I will prove it otherwise. So, I told my friend, unless the airport’s close, the world’s end, or something like that, I will still stick with my plan. Besides, I know how things can easily getting exaggerated. My last trip to Bahrain and Egypt […]