What to Ask to Mentors: How to Nurture Critical Thinking

At the ‘Empowering Women through Entrepreneurship’ seminar by US Embassy, one of 3 inspiring speakers, Svida Alisjahbana @svidss said, Indonesia has no mentoring culture, we’re not used to asking questions, the thing that is really needed when you’re meeting face to face with the important people that could be the mentor for your success. And I thought, wow… why I haven’t think of that. I just back from 9 days trip to Discover Bahrain, and I met a lot of important Bahraini people from a lot of sectors that can give me useful knowledge and insights to bring home. But when […]

Set Writing Goals for 2013

For the latest Nulis Buku Club meetup, we picked ‘Set Writing Goals for 2013‘ as the topic of the meetup. We invite one of the most productive writers, @IfaAvianty, writers of 70 books, to share her tips on setting writing goals. Mbak Ifa explained that we have to check our time availibility, physical health, emotional state and other activities to measure before we set our writing goals because mbak Ifa believe we have to be rational in making effective goals. Mbak Ifa can finish up to 2 books in a month, doing it in the same time, be able to […]

What The Plus! – Tips on Optimizing Your Google+ Account

I never do nothing too serious with my Google+ account but more than 10,000 people have me in their circles. I’m not sure, maybe because I got verified by Google Indonesia or they highlight me somewhere or I have a nice looking profile pic. Or all of the above. Seeing the potential, I decide to dedicate a whole new year day reading a book by Guy Kawasaki ‘What The Plus!‘ on how to optimizing your Google+ account. Guy is one evangelist for Google+ that this book is spread for free in a form of ebook by courtesy of Google. You can download […]

3 Questions You Must Answer to Finish Your Book

I was interviewed in a talk show in MNCtv News yesterday about my book ‘Yes, You Can!‘ with Bella Fawzi and Adjat. After the show, I sat down for a while in their couch to eat some delicious cookies :)) – then one of the crew come to me. He said, “Miss… I really want to write a book about my life story, I’ve been writing it but seems like, I could never finish it.” Now this is sounds like a Frequently Asked Question (FAQ) to me. So, this is what I asked him to answer that question: Have you […]

11 Presentation Tips for Success

You have to communicate the goals of your enterprise and rally your employees around them, and the most effective way to that is still the spoken word. – @EricSchurenberg[click to tweet] Last week I have lunch with @Sumartok, he’s the founder of @Presentonomics, a company that helps people with their presentation. I see a lot of people have great ideas in their mind but they’re not able to communicate it in the best way. Maybe the way their presentation look (too much bullets and information in 1 slide) or maybe the way they speak and present themselves. And I really afraid […]

Success = Less Sleep?

I was introduced to someone at an event. My friend would introduced me as writer and entrepreneur. And I got this comment about my sleep. “Wow! You must have less sleep!” I thought it was true. But then I make a fun research on how much sleep I have per day. (Not much research, only checking my last tweet hehehe). Turned out I slept on about 6 – 10 hours a day. That is so normal and almost too much :)) So, I guess my sleep has nothing to do with the quantity of works that I’m doing. At night, […]

Tips on Effective Delegation

The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t. -Anthea Turner Saya adalah salah satu orang yang menggemari pendelegasian tugas. Sebabnya? Saya tidak ingin terjebak dalam pengerjaan ‘pritilan’ operasional yang akhirnya membuat saya tidak punya waktu untuk menjalankan tugas saya sesungguhnya dalam menjadi pemimpin yaitu maintaining vision, networking and look for new opportunities, dan melakukan inovasi. Bukan berarti proses pendelegasian tugas itu mudah ya… karena kita sering terjebak dengan pemikiran: “Ah, saya bisa melakukannya lebih cepat dan lebih baik, kenapa saya harus serahkan tugas tersebut kepada orang lain?” I identify myself as an […]

Tips Sukses a la Ollie

Mata saya tiba-tiba menekuri sebuah piagam yang diberikan setelah saya memberikan seminar di sebuah event. Piagam itu ditujukan kepada saya, Aulia Halimatussadiah, sebagai Wanita Wirausaha Sukses. Saya jadi berpikir, apa itu sukses? Apa tolak ukurnya? Bagi saya pribadi, sukses itu saat kita sudah bisa memberi dan berbagi ke lebih banyak orang. Saat bisnis atau apapun yang kita kerjakan bisa memberikan benefit atau manfaat ke sebanyak mungkin orang. Bagaimana caranya menuju sukses? Saya percaya sukses itu bisa terjadi dengan dukungan banyak faktor. Yang pertama, you have to have a purpose. Apa yang memotivasimu melakukan ini semua. Also define, visi kamu apa. Apa […]

On Being Productive – How I Work

A lot of people coming to me and ask how did I manage my time and do all those writing and business things and eventually becoming productive. And I don’t really have a proper answer. I actually have told everyone that I just do it. I just do everything at once. And it doesn’t seem to satisfy ’em. Now by request of my friend on twitter Daniel @darosi I’ll try to sit, thinking and write down about how I work. Before I start, I must tell you that this is all about mindset. For me, I have to produce something or […]

Fashion Tips

Okay, because today is Sunday, I’d like to write something light. Girls have been asking me on how to look cool, even if you’re a hijaber. So, I’m going to write some fashion tips according what I’ve been doing all these times. Many of you should have known about what’s happened in my life recently. And through the process, I lost a lot of weight. About 10 kgs. And that really what makes me buying new size of clothes and surprised myself that I could fit into Levi’s size 26 (okay, maybe now it’s 27 hehe). Because I have to […]