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Elevate to be The Transcendent Being  The practice to stay mindful and rise higher

Few months ago I was invited to speak at Women@ Conference event in Singapore by Facebook Asia Pacific. ​​I was invited, not to speak about business, not about writing, but about meditation and mindfulness. Clair, my good friend from Facebook, has known very well that I meditate and it contributes to my productivity in general, […]


Setelah Lepas Jilbab, Now What? It's time to address the elephant in the room

Sudah 6 bulan lebih semenjak saya mengambil keputusan untuk melepas jilbab yang sudah saya kenakan sejak tahun 2001 (15 tahun lalu, saat jilbab belum se-mainstream saat ini). Ternyata keputusan saya ini membuat banyak orang penasaran. Meskipun sudah saya jelaskan di postingan yang ini, mereka tetap googling ‘Ollie salsabeela lepas jilbab’ dan berusaha menebak apa yang […]


How to Multiply Your Success The strongest force in the universe is Compound interest. -Albert Einstein

I learned about compound interest from stock market. I read Tony Robbins book ‘Money: Master the Game’ and find the term for the first time. Compound interest basically the power of multiplication when you constantly invest and reinvest with multiplied interest in specific period of time. Here’s the formula: FV – future value of investment […]


Recognizing Small Victories and Moving Forward to 2015

I’ve been a Muslim and embracing Islam all my life. While Islam means surrender, only recently that I surrender myself to the compassion and love of God. Accepting the fact that what I need is not neccessarily the same with what I want. And at the end of the year, I found myself losing some people […]


Hector Alvarado and The Consolation of the Sculpture

Hector Alvarado must be the first ‘modern’ sculptor I met in person (we met at @Komunitas1111  meetup). And he doesn’t look like a sculptor at all. In fact, when I visited his house and see how beautiful he decorates his house, I didn’t believe it was his work. I thought it was his girlfriend’s or […]


Rock & Roll Awareness

Sometimes awareness come to our mind after we experience hardships in life. I heard the term ‘Rock & Roll Awareness’ the first time on @Komunitas1111meetup. We were talking about Awareness and one of our friends, @PittaSekar, who just lost her dad to lung cancer 2 months ago, share about the last days of her dad. […]