A New Beginning

I’ve been wearing my hijab for 15 years on my own will and it was my truth. But the last 2 years I’ve been feeling that I’m growing into a different version of myself that no longer can be represent with hijab. I tried everything to cope with my restlessness and at one point I know that I have to make a decision once again to be who I am. When I finally took it off weeks ago, a friend asked me what changed me, I said this is how I always been for the past few years. I just finally […]

Memulai Percakapan: Perjalanan yang Menyembuhkan #PassportToHappiness

Pengunjung di acara launching buku saya yang terbaru ‘Passport to Happiness‘ terkejut saat membaca buku ini adalah buku yang sangat pribadi untuk saya. Saya tak hanya menceritakan cerita perjalanan saya ke 11 kota di dunia setelah saya bercerai, tapi saya juga menceritakan perjalanan ke dalam  hati saya dan pandangan saya tentang arti cinta yang saya temui di berbagai belahan dunia. Pertanyaannya, bagaimana saya begitu berani untuk membagi kisah pribadi saya? Jawabannya mudah. Saya ingin memulai percakapan tentang sebuah topik yang tabu dibicarakan di Indonesia: perceraian. Bagi orang Indonesia dan masyarakat berbudaya timur pada umumnya, bercerai identik dengan kegagalan. Dan kegagalan […]

Passport to Happiness – a Travelogue by Ollie

Malam ini, saya baru sadar kalau move on itu tidak mudah. Salah seorang teman masih dirundung kesedihan atas kejadian yang sudah terjadi 4 tahun yang lalu. Satu kakinya masih terikat ke masa lalu, ini, tentu adalah salah satu bahan dalam resep kesedihan. 4 tahun yang lalu, saya juga mengambil keputusan menyakitkan dalam hidup saya untuk berpisah dengan pasangan yang sudah menemani saya selama 10 tahun. Sebelum mengambil keputusan berat itu, saya melakukan hal yang belum pernah saya lakukan sebelumnya, saya terbang ke Ubud dan menghabiskan waktu saya sendirian di sana untuk mencari jawaban atas pertanyaan-pertanyaan di kepala saya, mencari sebuah […]

#1Hari1Kebaikan di Bulan Ramadhan

Bulan Ramadhan selalu jadi kesempatan emas bagi saya untuk melakukan lebih banyak kebaikan. Bukan hanya karena keberkahan yang berlipat dari hari biasa, namun seiring dengan proses menahan hawa nafsu, saya mencoba membuat kebiasaan baru untuk lebih rutin dalam berbuat baik pada sesama. Khusus di bulan Ramadhan, saya ingin proyek kebaikan saya direncanakan dengan seksama hari per harinya. Perang yang berdampak buruk saja direncanakan, kenapa berbuat kebaikan tidak direncanakan dengan lebih rinci? Dari hasil scrolling timeline di twitter, saya pun terinspirasi untuk melakukan #1hari1kebaikan selama bulan Ramadhan, dengan berbagai cara. Salah satu cara paling mudah untuk melakukan #1hari1kebaikan adalah dengan mendukung […]

My Favorite Restaurants in Jakarta

Let’s talk about food! I have stopped cooking since 5 years ago and I always, I repeat, ALWAYS, eat out. Of course there are times I won’t have time to go out, then I must rely to food delivery services. Thank God, a lot of my favorite restaurants already connected to food delivey platforms such as FoodPanda. So, I’m going to list my favorite restaurants who’s available for delivery and why I like them! Es Teler 77 Why Es Teler 77? Because they have my favorite Indonesian food! Try their amazing Es Teler (literally translated as drunken ice because it […]

Recognizing Small Victories and Moving Forward to 2015

I’ve been a Muslim and embracing Islam all my life. While Islam means surrender, only recently that I surrender myself to the compassion and love of God. Accepting the fact that what I need is not neccessarily the same with what I want. And at the end of the year, I found myself losing some people I trust, losing a business I nurture for years, let go precious stuff I had, yet I gained so much more. In the midst of chaos, I finally found myself. In my religion, the first revelation that The Prophet Muhammad SAW received was ‘Iqra’ means […]

The 2014 Dreams

Before I start: No, it’s not my son in the pic, it’s my nephew It’s 11pm and I tried to type as fast as I could so I can post this before 2014 :)) I usually post my New Year’s Resolutions earlier, but this year I decide to read and gain insights, as much as I could, before writing anything. Let’s look back to 2013 for a second. Here are what went well: I was invited by Ford to attend NAIAS 2013 in Detroit. It was my first time to US and I got my 5 years tourist visa, which […]

Things to do Before You Turn 30

I’m inspired by this post by Dimas about what you should do before 30. By reading the title of this post alone, you should know a little bit about my age :)) So here we go, my version of what you should do before 30: Backpack out of the country My first time backpacking was when I turn 24. Me and my best girls pack our bag and went to Kuala Lumpur, Phuket, Bangkok and Singapore. I brought a real backpack, which I regret later because it was too heavy. I remember we must eat cheap sandwiches for breakfast because […]

Birthday in Istanbul

“I strongly suggest you to postpone your trip to Istanbul!” My heart sank. I got a warning message from my good friend in Istanbul, just a week before my scheduled trip to spend my birthday there. There’s a protest-gone-wrong in Taksim Square, and things didn’t look good. But of course, if you tell me I can’t, I will prove it otherwise. So, I told my friend, unless the airport’s close, the world’s end, or something like that, I will still stick with my plan. Besides, I know how things can easily getting exaggerated. My last trip to Bahrain and Egypt […]