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“How come there’s no Auntie’s Day?” That’s what I asked this morning to embrace Mother’s Day. I’m not married and I don’t have kids. My only way to show my motherly love is to shower my baby nephew, or other people kids, with presents. I’m the sweet Auntie O. I have another technique to pour [...]

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Saya merasa di Indonesia, menulis belum mendapat ruang yang cukup di sekolah. Padahal saat ini semua dilakukan dengan menulis. Mulai dari menulis email, menulis pesan via whatsapp/bbm, ngetwit sampai update status. Semua membutuhkan keahlian menulis. Jika tidak biasa menulis, bisa-bisa yang ditulis akan menimbulkan kebingungan dan salah kaprah banyak orang, pesan dalam tulisan tidak akan [...]

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I was in a movie when @AlexisBrille chat me, showing her new blog, new videos, new tutorials, and I remember my own blog. The last time I change the theme was a year ago and I think it's time for a little bit of 'redecoration'. So, even though I was enjoying the movie, at the back of my mind, I can't wait to go home. I've been wanting to do a single column blog and I've found a suitable Theme for that. I tweak a little bit, making my new logo, choosing slim web font as I like, fix menus, widgets and all the details. And I'm done. It is important for me to make a progress in my life, that would give a positive impact for my next plan. After completing a book of 80 poetry with Hanny @beradadisini for 5 hours on Saturday, as silly as it might sound, this new blog look, is how productivity looks like to me.


For the latest Nulis Buku Club meetup, we picked ‘Set Writing Goals for 2013‘ as the topic of the meetup. We invite one of the most productive writers, @IfaAvianty, writers of 70 books, to share her tips on setting writing goals. Mbak Ifa explained that we have to check our time availibility, physical health, emotional [...]

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