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On Being Productive – How I Work

A lot of people coming to me and ask how did I manage my time and do all those writing and business things and eventually becoming productive. And I don’t really have a proper answer. I actually have told everyone that I just do it. I just do everything at once. And it doesn’t seem […]


#StartupLokal 1st Anniversary – a Personal Note

Being one of #StartupLokal initiators to nurture the #StartupLokal @startuplokal community have changed my life. I remember a year ago, I really want to attend the first #StartupLokal meetup when something really bad happened. It was a personal problem that you already know the outcome back in January 2011. In the emotional roller coaster that time, […]


How to Start a Startup

When I start building my first startup in 2006, online book store Kutukutubuku.com, I don’t have anything in mind. All I know, I want to work surrounded by books. And that can only happened if I make my own book store. After years, a friend on twitter @penq, ask me some tips on successfuly starting […]


My Style of 4-Hour Work Week

Been eye-ing this book: The 4-Hour Workweek by Timothy Ferris for quite some time. The concept of working only 4 hour every week really make me curious. It’s basically living like a millionaire. So, yesterday, I read reviews about the book and I took several conclusions. Delegate. Automate. I’m an entrepreneur who manage several startups. […]


Learning from Ireland

With the rate of unemployment rising every year in Indonesia, that eventually will create more social & economical issues, now we have to focus on starting our own company and absorbing more human resources. The famous Indonesian Donald Trump, Ciputra, said right now Indonesia only has 400,000 entrepreneurs out of 250 million population. That’s less […]


My Worry Free Beijing Trip

Saya tidak pernah terpikir untuk mengunjungi China. Sebagai salah satu negara dengan kekuatan ekonomi terbesar dan tempat yang sarat dengan peninggalan kebudayaan bernilai historis yang tinggi, China sangat membuat penasaran untuk dikunjungi. Namun ada beberapa sebab yang membuat saya ragu-ragu: faktor bahasa, kesulitan mendapatkan makanan halal, dan cerita-cerita horor tentang toilet-nya. Maka ketika Indo Citra […]


Welcoming Rakuten Indonesia

Ada yang seru di bulan Maret! Rakuten, online shopping mall no. 1 di Jepang, kini hadir di Indonesia untuk meramaikan online market place di tanah air. Rakuten Indonesia adalah hasil kerjasama reputable company, MNC group dengan Rakuten Ichiban Inc. Soal keamanan berbelanja online pun udah jadi jaminan dengan dua nama besar ini. Barang-barang yang di […]


Gaya Hidup Hijau

Gaya hidup hijau atau green living, dalam beberapa tahun terakhir mulai banyak dikampanyekan dan dilakukan. Saya sendiri, dalam upaya ikutan kampanye gaya hidup hijau, sudah lama tidak menerima kantong plastik untuk membungkus belanjaan seperti buku, DVD, baju, dll. Lebih baik langsung menaruh belanjaan di dalam tas yang sudah kita siapkan dari rumah. Maka sewaktu Tupperware […]


Jakarta Street Kids

In one fine afternoon, me & my friend @adhisaputrawere walking across the Cikini street. We talked about writing, human interest, and everything in between. Suddenly a boy following me, offering books he carried. I said, I’ll buy the book, but you must follow me. Then we stop to a very famous chicken porridge restaurant. I […]


The Amazing February

So I wrote about my progress in January 2011. Now I want to share what’s happened in February 2011. February has been fabulous for me! Not because it’s a month of love (they say), but because I (and friends) hosted 5 events in a month! For me, who was once a painfully shy girl and […]


Welcoming the Elegant Magnum Cafe

Sebagai seorang penulis, sangat penting bagi saya untuk punya tempat hang out untuk menulis yang cozy dan menawarkan makanan ringan yang enak-enak! Sekarang, di Grand Indonesia, West Mall, lantai 5, sudah ada tempat nongkrong baru! It’s Magnum Cafe! Yeah… ini cafe-nya Magnum ice cream itu loh. So… selain bisa menikmati cafe yang interior-nya vintage chic a […]


What Bill Gates & I have in common

So yesterday I went to Mekar‘s office with @chandramarsono to have a private assessment on our new business together. Razz from Mekar gave a lot of useful insights on what kind of startup that investors looking for and how to make our business plan works the charm. One of things that Razz did was identify-ing our […]


Fashion Tips

Okay, because today is Sunday, I’d like to write something light. Girls have been asking me on how to look cool, even if you’re a hijaber. So, I’m going to write some fashion tips according what I’ve been doing all these times. Many of you should have known about what’s happened in my life recently. […]


It’s Over

After 7 years of relationship & 2 years of marriage, me and Anang Pradipta, have decided to divorce. All the painful process has been done and taken care real well by our lawyer. We’re really sad for what’s happened and hope our big family & friends could understand our decision. We care for each other […]


What I did in January 2011

I wrote some sort of New Year’s resolution for 2011 and I wanna keep track on the progress My plan to grow Nulisbuku.com now we started a new partnership in writing competition campaign with Acer. A new level in our 3 months old age. For my challenge to write a biography book, I already meet […]


Children education in Indonesia

When you create excitement, education happened! That’s what I learn from watching one of TED videos about a professor who put PCs in slum areas in India and just let it there without doing any mentoring to the kids around. In days, even hours, a lot of them could create things using the computer. No […]


Pursuit of Green Living

Beberapa minggu yang lalu saya ikut rombongan teman-teman saya untuk Birdwatching di Pulau Rambut, kawasan Kepulauan Seribu. Buat yang belum paham, birdwatching adalah… ngeliatin burung dengan teropong (bahasa awamnya aja ya hehe) saat pulang dan pergi ‘ngantor’ trus ngitungin jumlah burung, ngeliatin aktivitas-nya dari jauh, dan pokoknya all about burung! Seru banget loh… soalnya masuk […]


Resolusi 2011

Hey… it’s that time of the year again, where I have to review my life and create a new year’s resolution. Tahun 2010 adalah tahun yang penuh kejutan buat saya. Keren lah pokoknya. The rise of Indonesian digital Startups dengan #StartupLokal community (yang mana saya menjadi salah satu inisiator bersama @NataliArdianto, @Nuniek dan @SaGad). Event #StartupLokal […]


Behind The Scene: Komodo Trip

Setelah menulis kisah Komodo National Park dalam bahasa Inggris yang lebih serius, maka sekarang saya ingin cerita yang ringan dari perjalanan kemarin ^-^ Jadi perjalanan ke Pulau Komodo kemarin adalah salah satu upaya BudPar untuk menggalakkan campaign vote Komodo National Park as the New 7 Wonder of Nature pada website New7Wonders.com campaign ini juga ada […]


Exploring Komodo National Park

It’s 3 in the morning right now and I’m smiling. With the tan on my skin, I’m proudly announce that I just back from Komodo National Park I wrote about Komodo National Park once, in a complete article for entering Bubu Awards 2009. And I won! I never been to Komodo National Park before. I […]