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Speaking on Innovation at rAsia Forum Moscow 2014

The only thing I remember about Russian is usually they’re on Hollywood movies in furry coat, being a secret agent, lots of snow and cold face. So when I’m invited by the Embassy of The Republic Indonesia for The Russian Federation to speak at rAsia Forum in Moscow, I met Russian who speak and joke […]


How to Work in Paradise: Start with Hubud

Last weekend, I have to work overtime but I have nothing to complain about, because I was working in paradise. NulisBuku.com and The Bay Bali held a writing competition ‘Letters of Happiness’ and a writing workshop in Bali. Me, my NulisBuku.com partners and my lovely writer friend Feby Indirani, headed to Nusa Dua, to speak […]


Empowering Productivity at CrowdSourcing Week Global Conference 2014

People say, “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.” – I was definitely in the right room when I attended CrowdSourcing Week Global Conference 2014 in Singapore, 7 – 10 April 2014. The event was packed with brilliant speakers and visionary audiences. That way, I found myself learning new things […]


La Journée de la Femme Digitale 2014

Palais Brongniart was forbidden for women until the late 50s. Naturally, it was the perfect place to celebrate International Women’s Day 2014 #IWD. So, Catherine @cathbarba & Delphine @DelphineRB decided to use the venue, also known as Place de la Bourse (The historical Paris Stock Exchange), for their La Journée de la Femme Digitale 2014 Conference #JFD on […]


A New Beginning: From Washington DC to New York City

People often go to India or Nepal for spiritual search. But to me, I had my spiritual journey in the United States of America. I was invited by US State Department as one of 28 delegates from 28 countries (Argentina, Bangladesh, Benin, Brazil, Burma, Cambodia, Egypt, France, Ghana, Greece, Honduras, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Kenya, Kuwait, […]


Unleashing Women Power with Technology

Just like Michelangelo who already can see ‘an angel’ inside a marble stone that later we know as statue of ‘David’, I also can see how women potential can sparks with technology. Women have highly potential traits like the ability to multitask; able to use time effectively, they have more empathy, they will think about […]


From the First ASEAN Youth Entrepreneurs Seminar & Exposition Brunei

This is my second time visiting Brunei. The last time was to speak at Think Big Innovate 2012. And few days ago I’m back to Brunei to speak about entrepreneurship to ASEAN young entrepreneurs on the first ASEAN Youth Entrepreneurs Seminar and Exposition. I thought this time I’m going to focus on one message: about […]


Indonesia: The Pivot State of SouthEast Asia

I was interviewed by Marie, a student at the French university “Sciences Po” in Paris who’s been very interested in SouthEast Asia. She read an article about me in the French newspaper “Le Monde” and she decided to contact me and ask questions about my career, my perception of innovation in Indonesia, my ideas about […]


What I’ve Learned from Henry Ford

There is one rule for the industrialist and that is: make the best quality of goods possible at the lowest cost possible, paying the highest wages possible -Henry Ford I have the priviledge to travel 10,000 miles away from Jakarta to Detroit, Michigan, to attend North American International Auto Show (NAIAS), courtesy of Ford. I […]


Salsabeela Boutique

So happy to finally launch Salsabeela Boutique at Jl. Cipete Raya No. 9, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia (just in front of Black Canyon Cafe). Here you can shop Salsabeela’s collection, offline. At the launch event, Mbak Alberthiene Endah, my favorite writer and inspiration, come to be a moderator at the talk show with me and Mbak […]


Welcoming SalsabeelaShop.com

As promised, I’m launching SalsabeelaShop.com today! Being a fashion designer has been my dream, and dreams do come true. It was a very fast process. We have the idea in December 2011. Execute it in January. Finished design concept and everything by early February. And start producing, til it’s now ready for you guys to […]


John May and Angel Investors

Had a special opportunity to have lunch with John May, Managing Partner of New Vantage Group, a group of US Angel Investors. I must thank Mark Wang of GEPI (Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia) & Sara for inviting me. There are some other entrepreneurs coming for the lunch and we all sharing about our business and […]


11 Presentation Tips for Success

You have to communicate the goals of your enterprise and rally your employees around them, and the most effective way to that is still the spoken word. – @EricSchurenberg[click to tweet] Last week I have lunch with @Sumartok, he’s the founder of @Presentonomics, a company that helps people with their presentation. I see a lot of […]


Entrepreneur Story

So what is your definition of success? It’s really hard to measure. A lot of journalists would ask me about how much my companies make. And of course I’m not comfortable in answering that. But they need numbers to sell in their media. Apparently people still need that to be motivated. So they’d keep pushing […]


The Dancing Leader

2 people in the photo above are working for me. In my company, they usually do admin tasks, routine stuff every single day. But I understand that they also have their own  passions. One love singing & music – want to become a star, and the other has passion in movie making. So, yesterday I […]


Spirit from Regional Entrepreneurship Summit 2011

The Regional Entrepreneurship Summit talks about entrepreneurship, but it’s really talk about dreams -Hillary Clinton Lucky me to be invited to Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia (GEPI) – Regional Entrepreneurship Summit (RES) in Grand Hyatt, Bali from 22 – 24 July 2011 represent #StartupLokal. In Bali I was staying and spend time with the amazing girls […]


Have Idea? Can’t Execute? Find a Technical co-Founder!

I heard this a lot from people who want to start their own digital startup:  “Ollie, I have ideas, but I can’t do programming. I can’t execute my ideas!” The answer is simple: collaborate! Find a technical co-founder. Where to find them? Go to networking events for IT people. One of them is #StartupLokal meetup […]


Tips on Effective Delegation

The first rule of management is delegation. Don’t try and do everything yourself because you can’t. -Anthea Turner Saya adalah salah satu orang yang menggemari pendelegasian tugas. Sebabnya? Saya tidak ingin terjebak dalam pengerjaan ‘pritilan’ operasional yang akhirnya membuat saya tidak punya waktu untuk menjalankan tugas saya sesungguhnya dalam menjadi pemimpin yaitu maintaining vision, networking […]


Retired Before 35

“What do you mean retired? Do you really really wanted to retired… NOT WORKING at all… before 35?” That’s my friend’s reaction when I told him that my goal is to retired before 35. What I meant about ‘retired’ is the joy of financial freedom. That I no longer HAVE TO work in order to […]