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Ollie Salsabeela


‘Kartini Next Generation Special Award 2013, Inspiring Woman in ICT’ – Ministry of Communications and Information Technology

‘Indonesia Innovates for NulisBuku.com’ – Ogilvy Indonesia & Google Indonesia

‘One of 25 inspiring women 2013′ – Tabloid Nova

‘One of 50 inspiring people 2012′ – Editor in Chiefs’ choice Intisari Magazine

One of top 10 Women in Indonesia IT World 2011‘ – InfoKomputer Magazine

‘Strong community leader in the rising Indonesian tech startup scene’ – 
Girls in Tech (USA)

My name is Aulia Halimatussadiah. But most people called me Ollie. And my online identity is Salsabeela.

I’m a writer of 25 books & a techpreneur. I have deep passion in books & writing and I believe they change lives. I’m the CTO & co-founder of online bookstore Kutukutubuku.com and the first online self publishing in Indonesia NulisBuku.com. Both are nurtured and raised by TukuSolution.com as the mother company.

I believe in the power of community. I initiate Nulis Buku Club (writing club, now spreading in more than 20 cities in Indonesia), #StartupLokal (biggest community for startup founders, investors, and startup enthusiasts), Girls in Tech Indonesia (community for women in technology or simply love technology) and last but not least, Bincang Edukasi (community for grassroot movement in education).

How I can help:

  • Web building, social media, community and content strategy
  • Create concept and build games on web and mobile platforms
  • Products review and sponsored posts on Salsabeela.com and @salsabeela especially on travel industry (hotels, tours, airlines, spas) and gadgets
  • Partnership in writing, publishing, photography, community development, technology like web, ecommerce and games industry
  • Content writing (blog posts, book, articles)
  • Connect your brand with Nulis Buku Club growing communities all over Indonesia
  • Accommodate your support to StartupLokal community
  • Accommodate your support to Bincang Edukasi community
  • Accommodate your support to Girls in Tech Indonesia community
  • Social activities related to education & women issues especially women in technology
  • Public speaking, seminar & talkshow around self-development, entrepreneurship and writing
  • If you’re a woman with passion and goals that align with my expertise, I can personally mentor you

Contact me here or email me auliah5@gmail.com

More About Ollie

Aulia Halimatussadiah (Ollie)
Yogyakarta, 17 June

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Bachelor Degree, Information Technology major

Online Book Store
Online Self Publishing – Print on Demand
Web Consultant
TempaLabs.com Game Studio
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#StartupLokal (Committee)
Girls in Tech Indonesia (Committee)
Nulis Buku Club
Bincang Edukasi (Committee)

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Look! I’m on Fire
Je M’appelle Lintang
Mengaku Rasul

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