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2020 is the Year to Cut the Crap

Personally, 2019 is the year of massive healing and expansion to say the least.

I started the year with in-explainable sickness that I’ve strongly assumed related to the lower vibration of depression, anxiety, stress, that I experienced in the past that still stuck as a trauma in my body. I also find out more and more, I get sensitive to other people’s energy, this also affect me big time in my journey of healing.

I took one step at a time to heal my body and soul, thankfully my medical dr and healers (shoutout to dr. Herwien, Mbak Intan from Rumah Remedi, Raj Kumari, Michelle, Mbak Fiona Wang, My sis Shita Dewi, Max Mandias of Jeda Wellnest, Dewi my dearest, Heera who’s been consistently sending me honey and probiotic 😂, Kenya as my discussion partner related to PMDD and my besties with their own super power Vera Shiska, Devi and Arya) are among the most enlightened being in Jakarta. I resort to natural products, meditate, fix my diet to plant-based and high fiber, start to go to the gym, and rest better. The side effect of this, is a fit toned body with bigger hips and wider glute that I’ve been developing in the past year lol.

To raise my energy through clarity of intentional living, I start to put serious effort in getting to know who I truly am. I met Human Design expert, Feng Shui expert, NLP expert, and more. I resonate more with Human Design that I learned how to read Human Design chart to help friends and family to understand their blueprint better, also expand my knowledge to Gene Keys that has been serving me well to give me resources to contemplate on in regards of the strategy to live my life.

This is also the year where I’ve met the best compassionate dentist Drg Stefani Wiwoho that has been helping me to reclaim my smile back.

One of the books I read in 2019 that impacted me big time is Reality Transurfing by Vadim Zeland. I dive into the book for months and joining a community that helps me in applying the technique in the book in a daily life. Now the book is 700+ pages thick, but I manage to summarize it in charts and compose a lifestyle plan for me to follow according to principle of the book. I’m super excited to use these principles for my 2020 intentions. I plan to do an online Zoom seminar on how I set my 2020 intentions (using Reality Transurfing principles and using trello as a way to organize and a tool to keep ourselves accountable), let me know if you’re interested to join!‌

In essence, my 2020 is dedicated to realizing my full potential without limit.

The question that I need to answer would be:‌

What is it that I’ve been postponing to execute?‌ Can I make it happen now?‌ If not, then I need to drop it and focus on what I‌ can execute.

What is it that I deserve in life?‌ Did I‌ make the right choices according to my heart and my life values? If not, then I‌ need to drop it and focus on what I‌ truly deserve.

It’s clear really, it’s either a hell yeah, a maybe or a no. Please choose the hell yeah. If you’re confused, choose the maybe until you feel a hell yeah. If you never feel the hell yeah, you know better to drop it and focus to get your hell yeah.

2020 is the year to be clear of what you want and walk firmly towards the direction of what you want.

Vibe strongly in your essence, you’ll attract your tribe, the ones who you can celebrate life together with. Surely, they will make your life worthwhile.

Happy New Year!‌