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Gary Vaynerchuk Wants You to Post It Already Focus on your vision to give values to your audiences

We’ve been doing it all wrong. Most of us would be obsessed with the amount of likes that our pictures get on Instagram. It’s far from the actual point of creating the post in the first place: to create awareness of whatever it is you want to say to the world.

According to Gary Vee, we need to create a content with empathy, a content that is going to entertain our audience or keep them informed. We don’t just post a picture because we look good in it. Tell people, what’s in it for them. Tell a story. Gary said written word is important, even on Instagram posts. Make sure you put a proper amount of caption in it. Audio contents such as podcasts will grow big as well, because we have more and more limited time and we want to make our time productive by doing two things in the same time. I already do this, listening to audio books while doing my makeup and many people listening to podcasts while at the gym or driving.

I started my own #productivity podcast #GiniAjaDeh and I talked a bit more insights of what Gary says in Forward 2019 Jakarta, check the podcast here:

“You, already know what you want to do!” Gary pointed his finger to our face.

I was like, I don’t know.

“Yes, you do! You know. But you think it’s too small, or too difficult, or you think of what other people would say.”

I’ve been in this business of constantly have different opinion with my parents (I want to be a writer, my parents want me to be an engineer, now I’m an engineer and entrepreneur who wrote 32 books, everybody wins and I can see that my parents are very proud of me) and other people (Contrary to Indonesian people’s beliefs, I got divorced when I was 27 and take off my hijab 3 years ago, but coming out of it, I’m still my self, I don’t change to be a horrible person or something, so people start to forget about it), so I think I knew a little bit on how to ignore other people’s opinion and focus on what I want to do with my life.

But as I write this down, I remember that I always want to be a relationship coach. I love listening to people, I love distilling formula of experiences that I consume and I want to talk more about love and relationship on my contents. For me, relationship connects directly to productivity.

Even when I think it’s important topic to talk about, voices in my head told me, “But you’re not even in a relationship! What do you know about relationship? This is totally unprofessional and embarrassing! People will judge you!” And a lot more.

Gary said, “Write what you know and write what you like.” – Well, I know something about relating-ship from my own and other people’s experiences and I love this topic a lot. I read tons of books and watch videos about it.

The one who’s stopping me to move forward, and do 3 posts a day in 5 different channels on relationship, is myself. The one that can allow it to happen, is also myself.

So, let this be a beginning of breaking my fear to share who I am.



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