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Essentially Essential Oil

I noticed something pleasantly different when I write my book last weekend.

Now, the book I’m writing at the moment has a different difficulty level. You have to understand stock market like an expert, because I’m writing the biography of one. With my work during workdays and all that shit that happened in my personal life, it was so difficult to focus to write. I can’t write for so long because my brain just seem to stuck.

But two weeks ago, I found these gems: essentially essential oils! I use Copaiba, which I bought because I burnt my fingers from nail polish remover (stupid wounds, really, but it might gave me new fingerprints, who knows?! ), and mixed it with Peppermint oil. I diffuse it, inhale it, rub it on my back and at the back of my neck. Suddenly, I’m back in the game! I write effortlessly and I’m now stopping only because I need more data from my client. But I’m almost finished on my first draft.

While writing, I’m drawing to just let my mind wander. Now, I like drawing since Junior High School, but my drawing sucks. But I don’t know what happened, my drawing suddenly become less sucks!

So Ika told me that Young Living has essential oil called Brain Power. Well, if a simple Peppermint can boost my productivity, then Brain Power may turn me into the lady version of Elon Musk! Ellen Musk!



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