When You’re Tired: Rest

I always need minimum once a month getaway and I’ve been neglecting this need for the past few months due to work. Just recently, I have moved past a relationship, opening a new chapter in life, and I want a new fresh start. So I head to Bandung.

My friend Heera was opening her house for me, where I found peace, and the warmth of belonging. Spent my day at Bandung’s many parks and breath in as much as fresh air as I could get. Reading Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations once again, to remind myself how to be stoic in the hardest situations in life.

“I am willing to be ok,” I said to all my friends who asked me if I’m ok. I do feel I’m ok. But, of course, sadness comes like waves, and you have to deal with it one day at a time.

When I was a vegetarian last year, I said to myself, “Today, I’m eating only vegetables.” Not wanting to stress myself with the prospect of converting my whole entire life on being a vegetarian. And this also the same. Become perfectly balanced is a lifetime work. And only one thing I can say to myself, “Today, I am ‘sober’. I am aware of what life brings me, good and bad, it’s part of my life journey, and regardless, I choose to be happy.”



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