NOT a New Year’s Resolution 2018 Just creating new better habits

2017 is not an easy year for many people including me. But, it’s not fair to label it a ‘bad year’ because when I read the whole journal of 2017, I discover 20+ yayness and only 3 wtfs. My 2017 turns out to be not bad at all. It’s a sign that human’s brain only focus on problems and need exercise to practice gratitude.

To review my 2017, let’s look at them one by one and I’m going to make comment when I need to.


I dance more!
This is surely the year of dancing. New year’s eve was opened with me and Vera stranded in a very absurd bar in the south of Jakarta where we’re the only people dancing. Since then, we’ve been dancing regularly, mostly every weekend. I dance to EDM and salsa, but lately enjoying club dance better. I don’t like exercising, so this is a good excuse to sweat!

Met my boyfriend
With intention to meet someone I can have relationship with, I was dating like I mean business. I craft and edit ‘the content’ (myself, the way I brand and talk about myself), measure and do A/B testing of the result of my ‘marketing’, and last but not least, with the right candidates, I make weekly chart to see the progress of our relating-ship. For all you John Green novel fans out there, sorry, not sorry. STRUCTURE before SUBSTANCE. Use your logic first on selecting the one, then you can pour your heart into it. Not the other way around. Well, at least for me, it works!

Become a Vegetarian
Started around February and lasted for 7 months, I think that’s the most ‘enlightened’ moments because I feel literally light in my body and in my mind. Being a vegetarian erased your brain fog. Your mind is super clear and sharp. No drowsiness during the day as well.

Traveling (for free) to Nepal, Sweden, Vietnam, Malaysia, Cambodia, Hong Kong
Mostly travel for Girls in Tech Indonesia (teaching, meeting, speaking, attending conference, etc) and personal matter. But everything was paid for. Alhamdulillah :D

Female Squads #MistressMind
Yes, I have circle of feminines around me in Nggak Nyari and Getto group. Nggak Nyari (literally means not looking) is my support group related to personal life and relationship. Getto (Get together) is a group of women entrepreneurs who are strong and positive, beautiful and successful, always full ideas and ready to support. Plus I have few other best girlfriends that I can’t mention one by one. They’re vibrating in a high frequency and I’m lucky to have them around me.

When I was on a date, during a candle light dinner, a guy look at me closely, “You have beautiful eyelashes and your hair… love it.” I wink, “Thank you.” The truth is, they’re all fakes. I love the technology of hair extensions and eyelashes extensions can help boost women’s self confidence and eventually when I don’t have them anymore, I still got the magnetically strong confidence with me.

Work with my video team to create video content
My vlogs getting more in shape now because of my interns video team. You can check my channel here

Embrace reading and experimenting with contents
Running content and media company means constantly need to learn how to create better contents that convert. I’m glad I’m able to experiment and do things that I love within my own company. I use hashtag #NowReading at my instagram @salsabeela. I read tons of books in 2017, but here are what I recommend: Diamond Cutter and The Karma of Love both by Geshe Michael Roach, The Power of Moments by Chip Heath & Dan Heath, Beyond Mars and Venus by John Gray, The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson, Path to Personal Power by Napoleon Hill.

Writing Ellen May’s biography and accelerate my knowledge of technical analysis in stock market
Bitcoin didn’t faze me because Indonesia stock market offers more or less the same kind of profits, IF you know how to ‘play’. Writing a stock market expert biography means, I need to be able to have her mindset, including in trading. With the right attitude, effortless cuan or profit in stock market is surely an undeniable blessing.

Collaboration with Ayang Cempaka
Me and Ayang have passion for gratitude and that’s exactly our project going to be. No further details yet, but the collaboration is more than exciting for me. She’s one of the best illustrators in Indonesia and her cats (and babies) are adorable!

Part of the Committee of LocalStartup Fest and Girls in Tech Festival
Working with Facebook for Girls in Tech Indonesia Womenpreneur Digital Acceleration #WhyNot #SheMeansBusiness 
Learn scriptwriting with Salman Aristo
Talk in the same event with Ibu Sri Mulyani
Volunteering and taught young refugees to write gratitude journal
Got interviewed by Desi Anwar
Become Resonation mentor and met Sophia Amoruso #GirlBoss – “What’s stopping you?” become the soundtrack of my life 
Build my dream team at my companies Zetta Media and Storial with new strong members joining 
Had lunch and sat beside Sheryl Sandberg in Vietnam
Joining a 3 days and 9 hours a day Quran class of Al-Maghrib with Abu Eesa Niamatullah in Kuala Lumpur opening my eyes to read the meaning deeper. Also proving that an ADD potential like me can sit still for the whole sessions 
Follow spiritual classes from Self Discovery class with Viky Sianipar, Eling Classes with Suha Hoedi and make one through Kamantara Merupa Rasa with Hanny Kusumawati.
Launch my first biography book ‘Done is Better Than Perfect’ with Denny Santoso
Enroll in online classes like MindValley Consciousness Engineering and SkillShare
Become one of LinkedIn Power Profiles 2017 from Indonesia
Fundraising and met a lot of investors (angels and VC) to invest in Zetta Media, and This process has accelerated my learning about fundraising and manage business in general.
Moving to a new millennial office

The WTFs:

Health issue
I finally feeling that my age started to get to me. I was constantly sick and felt tired almost all the time. This is frustrating for someone who always productive and on the go like me. Being a vegetarian helps, so I’ll try the middle ground, eating mostly fresh food like veg and fruits, drinks more water, and start to do yoga. I recently found that Madu Hitam Baduy works like charm to kickstart my self-healing method in my body. It’s like a natural antibiotic.

PHP (Pemberi Harapan Palsu, means, False Hope Giver) Issue
Lots of PHPs going on in 2017 that I started to sit down to list the characteristics of PHP so I can avoid them in the future. Also learning how to minimize the damage caused.

Credit Card issues
Somebody told me that I have ‘giving issues’ which means, I like to give, even when I don’t have. That’s not right. So I need to control how I use my money and be aware every time I use the plastic money in a non-productive way.

The theme of 2017 for me is simply SHOW UP. For any situations, I don’t need to worry, I just need to show up and be there to play my role. I guess 2018 is the year to start new habits to fix the WTFs in 2017.

Happy New Year, friends!



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.