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Meeting Sheryl Sandberg in Vietnam

When we got the phone call to come for a meeting with Facebook in Da Nang, Vietnam, they didn’t tell us who we’re going to meet. Girls in Tech Indonesia has been working with Facebook for the past 2 years for #SheMeansBusiness and #WhyNot program. But I have a strong feeling, this time is different. I feel that I’m going to finally meet Sheryl Sandberg in person. And boy… I was right.

She has the charm and the charisma of a queen. She didn’t speak much, more because she wanted to listen. I bought Option B just before we got on a plane. It’s about how Sheryl cope with the sudden death of her husband. I read it, sobbing like kindergarten kid on the first day of school, and get a grasp on ways to handle grief.

I always thought that I need to properly grief. I feel like, whenever I encounter sadness like when I lost my father or when I break up with my fiance, I either skip the process, or I don’t take enough time to be sad.

Sheryl mentioned she push herself to write gratitude journal in the most difficult times after Dave’s gone. Writing gratitude journal for me has been a way of keeping my sanity. I guess this is why I can snap out of grief instantly. Thank you, Sheryl, for your inspiration. Can’t wait to see you again, maybe next time in Palo Alto!



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