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Mount Agung and The Meaning of Patience

Assad face looked a bit worried. He’s going to speak with me at Entrepreneur Bootcamp 2017 event in Bali, but he also want to make sure he’ll be back on time when his wife give birth. Following Mount Agung eruption, the status of Ngurah Rai airport has been unpredictable.

I assure him that everything will be okay. Even when we finally stuck in Bali for few days because Ngurah Rai airport was closed, I still think everything will be fine.

On the fourth day we were in Bali, from the 2 days trip plan, the organizers decided that we can go by land to Banyuwangi and get a flight back home. We got the last flight.

If you been to Blimbingsari Airport, you’ll know that it’s tiny. Hundreds of tourists got the same idea and flock in the poor little space.

Of course, we had seemingly endless waiting time and delays. But we’re glad to be home. We learned to enjoy the journey and the stay, buy meeting old friends, enjoying the nature, eat traditional food, and more. After all, it’s a natural process for Mt Agung to erupt. We just need to be patient.

Let’s send positive vibes and prayers for the people affected by Mount Agung eruption in Bali 🙏



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