I Love You. Which really means… It's not what you think it would be

When I say I love you, this is what I really mean…

I have the needs of love. I need you to remember me in the morning, during the day, at night and telling me about it. I need you to clearly express with words how your world is turning upside down without me in it. My happiness will be rooted deep inside you, and I will think you’re responsible for it. I could drained you with seemingly endless neediness, if you’re not the right person for me.

I have storms of insecurities and you’re the indestructible wall, not getting affected, but in the same time spread out humor and lightness, ’til it dissolves away.

A big part of your weekends and free time are mine. Spending time together with you is something that I look forward to. You are the source of energy that moves me, like mine boost yours.

You are mine. No girl can touch you or talk to you ever again. Especially when they’re smart and pretty. Forget about it.

I will brainstorm and tell you all about my dreams. Sometimes it’s big and wild, but nothing is too crazy for both of us. Together we can think of a way to make it happen. Together we are power.

I will be who I am and stand up for what I believe in. I have my own mission and vision of the future that we will align with every single day.

I will say that I accept you the way you are, but sometimes I might want to change you: better style of fashion or better way to say I love you. I will communicate my needs and I will judge if you listen to me or not. I can confused you and make you feel like you’re not enough, if your root is not fully gripping to the core of your values.

I accept you through the goods and the bads of life. I will help you get through shit as well as the beauty of it, no questions asked. It is normal to have those experiences. No event is more stressful than the others. It’s just is.

My words might hurt you, your words might hurt me and we will fight about the state of the world, macro economy, our lifestyle and how we raise our kids. We will fight to stay. We will fight to grow stronger and bigger together.

I listen to you, but sometimes I don’t. I’ll give you my advice, telling you my experience, and proving that my views are right, instead. But next time, I will listen to you, fully, as long as my strength to be mindful could.

I will say weird things about the planet, outer space, and spiritual terms you never heard of. I will change to be a better person, I will create different things, I will change the world and you will be there with your love and strength to support me.

We will travel the world and you will pay most of the expenses, because you insist. We will choose romantic places with lots of beach, but I can’t swim so I can’t accompany you when you dive. I will clearly opt to read books by the beach and let you have your own adventure.

You’ll have all of me. I trust you with my fullest being. And I’m not afraid to pour immense love into you and our relation. I will be the solid foundation on your despair and the loving arms for you to rest upon.

I take care of you. I learn to cook and make our house perfect from YouTube, Pinterest and Instagram. I am a learner and together we will learn something new every day.

I will be fullest romantic. I will write poetry and dedicate it to you. I will create arts for you. I will go extra miles to make you happy.

I adore you. I enjoy the way you talk and how your eyes sparkle when you explain about works you love. I make jokes just so I can see your smile. You don’t have to do anything, you just melt me by being yourself. When I love you, you are the only one.

And when you read all these and you laugh, not nervous laugh, but loving laugh, because you can see it in the future and you’re not afraid, then I meant to be yours.

Happy Valentine’s day!