Elevate to be The Transcendent Being  The practice to stay mindful and rise higher

Few months ago I was invited to speak at Women@ Conference event in Singapore by Facebook Asia Pacific. ​​I was invited, not to speak about business, not about writing, but about meditation and mindfulness. Clair, my good friend from Facebook, has known very well that I meditate and it contributes to my productivity in general, so she wanted me to share my experience to Facebook team.

Since I was invited by Facebook, I thought I need to prepare a formula on mindfulness so I can say something smart :))

After analyzing my own habit and what I’ve been doing all these years, this is what I came up with.

I called this The Transcendent Being method. If you want to transcend, this is what you should do.

First of all, be sure that as long as you’re on earth, life will cut us from many different directions. But it shouldn’t destroy us, it should make us perfectly beautiful like a diamond.

In order to be balanced and stay in the center, we need to practice:

  • Tadabbur – Seeking wisdom through knowledge. I read, not only books, but also people and situations around me and learn from it
  • Tashakkur – Gratitude – Be grateful every day and every second. I have a gratitude journal, online and offline, to help me record the happy moments I have every day
  • Tasabbur – Patience – Be patient. Commit to what you’re doing eventhough it seems difficult to endure, but look at the end result. When I feel tortured while writing 200 pages of books, I will be patient because I know the book will be useful for humanity
  • Tafakkur – Reflect – Observe, don’t judge or blame. I always record my reflection to my online journal, so it won’t interrupt my focus at the moment
  • Tazkiyah – Purification of heart – guard your heart from the negative, talk about good things, hang out with good people

When we’re balanced, this is what we need to move forward in our life:

  • Taqwa – Unconditional Trust – Knowing the consequences of doing the wrong thing and the consequences of doing the right thing, and still choose to do the right thing
  • Istighfar – Aware of Mistakes – When you know you do the wrong thing, aware of it and you acknowledge it, own it fully
  • Tawba – Repent – the commitment to not doing the same mistake again and avoiding bad patterns by learning from your mistakes, what did you do the last time that caused you to make that mistake? Simply don’t do it again

And do all of this with one intention in mind:

do the habit, conscious effort, repetitive acts and persistence to contribute to humanity

And this is how you become a transcendent being.



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO Storial.co & NulisBuku.com. Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.