My Favorite Restaurants in Jakarta

Let’s talk about food!

I have stopped cooking since 5 years ago and I always, I repeat, ALWAYS, eat out. Of course there are times I won’t have time to go out, then I must rely to food delivery services. Thank God, a lot of my favorite restaurants already connected to food delivey platforms such as FoodPanda.

So, I’m going to list my favorite restaurants who’s available for delivery and why I like them!

Es Teler 77


Why Es Teler 77? Because they have my favorite Indonesian food! Try their amazing Es Teler (literally translated as drunken ice because it consists of a lot of ingredients in one glass), also try their Baso Super (meatball) and their Roti Bakar (Toast)

Restoran Sederhana 

Padangnese food is among the most popular lunch food in Indonesia. (Beef) Rendang being one of the most popular food in the world has been the speciality of Sederhana restaurant. Also my favorite is Dendeng Batokok (Beef) and Ayam Pop (chicken).

Bebek Bengil

If you like duck or if you don’t like duck, you HAVE TO try The Original Crispy Duck of Bebek Bengil restaurant. It’s heavenly delicious and you must eat them with your bare hands! Ask for Sambal Matah (Matah chilis) to perfecting the flavor!

Mbah Jingkrak 

If you really sure about your abilities to eat hot food, why don’t you challenge yourself and your friends, and try Mbah Jingkrak’s many selection of sambals (chilis).

Kambing Bakar Cairo 

I’m all for roasted lamb and Kambing Bakar Cairo is one of the best options for that.

Kenny Rogers Roasters

Kenny Rogers’ Quarter Meal roasted chicken never failed me!

Istanbul Turkey Restaurant & Cafe 

My trip to Istanbul last year definitely has set a new bar for a delicious food and this Turkish food’s restaurant is worth to try.


Need 4pm snacks? Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki are here for the rescue!


For dessert, pancakes at Pancious is one of the best in town. I’ll go for Blueberry pancake and it works every time to fix my mood!

Durian’z Castle

If you’re feeling adventurous, you can try a lot of Durian dishes in this restaurant. I surely will recommend pancake durian for beginner!


If you haven’t eaten this yet, Martabak will changed your life, and D’Marco has many varieties of martabak. Try Martabak Nutella for a whole new level of eating martabak.

Of course there are many more restaurants listed in FoodPanda, more than 400 restaurants in Jakarta, Depok, Tangerang, Bekasi alone, and more in Bali, Bandung and Makassar. Better install FoodPanda apps now before you’re feeling hungry.

Bon appetite!



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