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Recognizing Small Victories and Moving Forward to 2015

I’ve been a Muslim and embracing Islam all my life. While Islam means surrender, only recently that I surrender myself to the compassion and love of God. Accepting the fact that what I need is not neccessarily the same with what I want. And at the end of the year, I found myself losing some people I trust, losing a business I nurture for years, let go precious stuff I had, yet I gained so much more. In the midst of chaos, I finally found myself.


In my religion, the first revelation that The Prophet Muhammad SAW received was ‘Iqra’ means a command to ‘Read!’. While inside a dark cave, the meaning of ‘Read’ goes beyond reading books. From the very beginning, we’re told to read not only with our eyes but also with our ears and our heart. It’s by seeing the deeper meaning of a situation, listening carefully to people around us and also activating our emotions, that we’re able to took lessons from any circumstances. And that’s what I’ve been trying to do in 2014.


I’ve learned that when you follow your highest excitements, good things will come to you. Luck is something you create with positive attitude towards every single thing that bring you down. And when you hit the bottom, by all means, jump higher with widest smile you can have. Because you’re soaring through life and things will only get more exciting.

My decision to start writing a Miracle Journal in August 2014 was proven to be a life-saving moment for me. I record every single small victories, aha moments, coincidences, serendipity moments that happen to my life. Since then, I notice and experience miracles on daily basis, simply because I expect them to come into my life.



And when I make myself ready to be a student, the teacher appears. My spiritual mentor/teacher is the highlight of 2014. He shows me the big picture, he helps me connect the dots, and I can’t be more grateful with all the above and beyond knowledge he has given to me in the short 3 months.

You will lose people who’s no longer important for your growth, and that’s a fact that sometimes keeping us awake at night, wondering why we lose this one or two people we care about the most. I’m on my way to completely let go of whoever no longer aligned with me and welcoming hundreds of new people who has the same passion, vision and excitement, ready to help me achieve higher goals and live happier life.

For that I thank my supportive friends in 2014:

  • My partners especially Brilliant Yotenega and my team in my businesses who always got my back and keep me going
  • My loyal readers and workshop participants I met and had expressed their love to me
  • My 60 bestfriends on Path, you know you are! :D
  • My solid partners Natali Ardianto & Nuniek also my team in StartupLokal; including team from Telkom Indonesia who will help us spread the good news and nurture startup ecosystem in Indonesia in 2015
  • My friends in Paris, Catherine Barba, Arnaud Chiaramonti and team, who has invited me and let me share my story as a woman in technology for La Journee de La Femme Digitale 2014
  • My friends in Singapore from CrowdSourcing Week, Epi Ludvik Nekaj & team, who trust me to be their Indonesian advisor, you guys open my eyes and show me the future through crowdsourcing
  • My friends in Almaty, Kazakhstan, especially Tristram Perry, for inviting me to speak to young people in the region on social media at Tech Forum Central Asia where I learn the dynamics of ‘Stan’ countries for the first time
  • My friends in Moscow, Russia, especially Ambassador Djauhari Oratmangun, who has invited me to speak at rAsia Forum 2014 and introducing Indonesia to the world, a very valuable experience for me
  • My fellow writers friends and officials from creative economy department who sent us to learn more about book industry at Beijing International Book Festival 2014
  • All 37 GES Youth delegates from around the globe attending Global Entrepreneurship Summit 2014 in Marrakech, Morocco, you’re all such an inspiration and a perfect way to sealed 2014. Meeting VP Joe Biden in a roundtable discussion is a huge bonus!
  • My inner circle of Inspirator wanita group on whatsapp :D Who would’ve thought I will be in the same room with my idols and mentors like Mbak Helvy Tiana Rosa, Mbak Asma Nadia, Hanum Rais, Oki Setiana Dewi, Peggy Melati Sukma and more inspiring women! Thanks to Mas Ippho Santosa for organizing this group
  • My spiritual circle of 1111 community and self discovery group, you’re the best!


I’m grateful to be able to launch my 27th book ‘The Power in You‘ in 2014 and the book has helped many young Indonesian to realize the power within them. I should be able to launch more books in a year though :P


My New Year’s Resolutions for 2015 are pretty straightforward:

  • Write and launch 5 non-fiction and fiction books. Already have the titles and premises, all I need to do just write!
  • Closing an investment round for one of my businesses so we can grow faster! Excited!
  • Rebrand one of my businesses to a more broaden and vibrant segment. Stay tuned!
  • Read 2 – 5 books a day on various topics (I don’t have to finish it cover to cover though)
  • Travel to new places, waiting for invitation to UAE (Dubai/Abu Dhabi), New Zealand, UK, Portugal, Brazil, Australia and watch the MilkyWay!
  • Starting ‘The Amazing Woman Academy’ to transform young women and help them found the amazingness in them. If you’re interested to volunteer your time to help me, please contact me auliah5 at gmail dot com :D
  • Continue doing more social activities, speak and meet people to spread the good news on women, entrepreneurship, creative writing and self empowerment!
  • Meet ‘the one’ and get married :D

So, what did you learn in 2014 and what’s your resolutions for 2015? Share the link, I’d like to read!

Have a fantastic year ahead!

With a deep positive thoughts and prayers for passengers and crews of Air Asia QZ8501 and their family 



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.

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