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Hector Alvarado and The Consolation of the Sculpture

Hector Alvarado must be the first ‘modern’ sculptor I met in person (we met at @Komunitas1111  meetup). And he doesn’t look like a sculptor at all. In fact, when I visited his house and see how beautiful he decorates his house, I didn’t believe it was his work. I thought it was his girlfriend’s or some professional interior designer’s job.


There are masculinity of sculpting and femininity of arts in Hector. When I told him that, Hector said: “That’s exactly like sculptures.” From such a masculine material like marble stone, can come a true beauty of feminine art.

He put some of his works at his house. The sculpture of the ripples captured my eyes. It creates an immediate serenity and peace to my soul.


Hector is a soulful and spiritual sculptor indeed. At the age of 25, he made an important decision. Previously taking Master of Design at University of Technology, Sydney, he decided to stop doing design and move into sculpture, a form of art that has slower pace, needs more patience turning a block of marble into a piece of art and when it’s done, it’s become priceless: it moves people’s heart. This way, he believes that he can contribute in a better way to the current world.


Watch Hector in action

One of his works of passion is the Energy Vortex sculpture, capturing the meaningful rotation of earth and the sun that can move you to entirely different time and space.


hector vortex

Hector asked me what’s ‘Salsabeela’ mean? It means stream from heaven, I said.

Shocked, Hector then showing me one of his sculptures of the flowing ‘stream from heaven’ that is now exhibited at a library in Mexico. A Salsabeela in a library. Coincidence? I would agree with C.G. Jung; it’s synchronicity at its best.


Hector is now living in Jakarta. If you’re interested in his work, you can email him haescultor at For the first time ever I even considering to have a piece of art in my house :D

As Hector said, stones need time to reveal themselves, you can not rush, they’re also very fragile, it will break if you don’t carve it right. After all, things that matter, take time.

When you act with respect to stones, it doesn’t make you a sculptor. It makes you human. Thank you Hector for showing me beauty and kindness that is much needed now in the world.




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