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How to Work in Paradise: Start with Hubud

Last weekend, I have to work overtime but I have nothing to complain about, because I was working in paradise. and The Bay Bali held a writing competition ‘Letters of Happiness’ and a writing workshop in Bali. Me, my partners and my lovely writer friend Feby Indirani, headed to Nusa Dua, to speak in front of 50 aspiring writers, doing writing exercises while enjoying the sound of the beach nearby. I sat down near the coconut tree and wonder to myself, am I working? Because it felt like a holiday!

SAM_4292 SAM_4241

I went straight to Ubud the next day to speak about social media at Akademi Berbagi, Bali. It was a pleasant surprise that they choose Hubud, a co-working space in Ubud, that supposed to be my next destination after Denpasar.

I really love the energy that Balinese young people bring to the forum. They came up with a lot of exciting ideas, either for their non-profit or business. Again, it’s hard for me to find speaking for them on Sunday as a chore. Hubud’s a very environmental friendly place, panelled with bamboos. I feel fresh and energized inside the room.



Me & Hanny were staying at Rumah Alaya, Steve Munroe‘s guest house. I remember the first time I met Steve, co-founder of Hubud, at Endeavor event. I couldn’t recognize him because his face on his twitter avatar was wrapped entirely in sarong LOL. After cosmically stumbled upon each other, we connected and were very sure that we can collaborate on something in the future.

Rumah Alaya is a paradise inside paradise. The view is extremely beautiful with the infinity pool, open air kitchen and outdoor writing deck overlooking the forest, where the green trees spread before our eyes. I can picture myself writing few pages in the morning, enjoying the misty air of Ubud.

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Bali has inspired my creativity in a way no place can do. It is very natural for me to wanting to stay longer, even dreaming to live and work there. Before, it was something that almost impossible. Though my working hours is flexible, I need to have a constant and stable internet connection, environment that is friendly for me to work for hours without getting an evil look for ordering iced tea and not moving for 5 hours :))

Now, coming back to Ubud after years, I’m relieved and excited to find Hubud’s ready to accept me as one of their members. BBC wrote, Forget Silicon Valley, Meet Silicon Bali. I must agree to that. Why go miles away when you can enjoy paradise in your own backyard and work conveniently in the same time?

With $50 a month, we can have 25-50 hours of working in Hubud. That means, 50 hours of fast & reliable internet connection, beautiful working space, unlimited inspirations, chances to meet like-minded people, larger chance of collaboration from the community events like Pecha Kucha, Bali Bungkus, and many more that held almost every day, and of course, a sense of deadline. Because, in order to finish anything, you need to have a deadline. Productivity, I’m sure, will increase. I paid for my 50 hours, I got to spend it wisely!

A lot of interesting rooms in Hubud. Toilet is called ‘Thinking Room’. They have Quiet Room and Skype Room. They have helmet trees. They have their own ricefield view. They have raw food canteen that sell healthy cakes and delicious selection of salads. And I have found ‘Inspired Bali’ magazine in Hubud, must be one of the most inspiring free magazine I’ve ever read.

SAM_4591 SAM_4595 SAM_4600 SAM_4604 SAM_4627 SAM_4630 SAM_4634

Rumah Alaya and Hubud are spiritual and warm in its careful touch of perfection; they are indeed have touched  people’s heart. I got a mention on twitter saying they missed working in Hubud. How can you missed working? It must have been very special!

If you’re interested to consider moving to Ubud, check Hubud’s website to get “Moving to Ubud Guide” ebook.

Who would have thought that working in paradise is only a click away?



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