The Traveling Words Writing Retreat: Journey to Your Heart


People are curious about The Traveling Words. Honestly, we were also curious on how The Traveling Words going to manifest.

When Hanny & I first talked about this initiative, we found out that writing has helped us to overcome some challenges in our life that eventually grow us to become a better person. And we want other people to realize the potential and start exploring their life through writing. The question is: how?


Finally last weekend we got the answer. It was such a pleasure for us to host our first Traveling Words retreat with a group of content writers. They’re already expert in writing, I’m sure. So, we want to let them see the other side of writing.


We started by asking them to write with honesty. Writing that grows, means nothing without it. We want to craft words that touch heart, not only yours, but also touching the heart of so many people that might be in your situation right now. It shouldn’t be merely an exchange of information and datas. Your writing should move people, change people, bring emotion out of people.

Traveling could mean many things. Not only to pack your bag and go somewhere exotic. But also when you start to really see, being aware, find magic in every little thing, even when it’s just around your neighborhood, even when it’s just you looking into yourself.

“What did you learn from life?” I checked one of participants’ notebook, she wrote, “That happiness comes within myself.”

We might never truly realize it, until we see it on paper, until we read it out loud, until we write.



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