The 2014 Dreams

Before I start: No, it’s not my son in the pic, it’s my nephew :D

It’s 11pm and I tried to type as fast as I could so I can post this before 2014 :))

I usually post my New Year’s Resolutions earlier, but this year I decide to read and gain insights, as much as I could, before writing anything.

Let’s look back to 2013 for a second. Here are what went well:

  • I was invited by Ford to attend NAIAS 2013 in Detroit. It was my first time to US and I got my 5 years tourist visa, which is awesome. I got to meet my friend HiMY and we can visit Islamic Center of America in Dearborn
  • I went to Bahrain invited by Discover Bahrain to learn more about their country in 9 days, and also invited by Discover Islam to speak at their forum. It was such a memorable trip because it’s my first gulf country to experience, I have so much new and meaningful friendships, not only with the local Bahraini and fellow delegates, but also Indonesian friends who stayed in Bahrain. Here I discover my love for Belly dancing :D
  • Ministry of Communication and Information Republic of Indonesia awarded me Kartini Next Generation Award 2013 as Inspiring woman in ICT. Since then, with them, I’ve been visiting cities in Indonesia to speak about technology to the youth
  • Invited to speak in Brunei for ASEAN Youth Entrepreneurs, this is my second time to Brunei and I still enjoy my time visiting their wonderful Masjids and also meet new friends (and fans who told me she loves my instagram :D)
  • Backpacking to Egypt, 9 days, to 4 cities: Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria had been an amazing experience for me. Egypt is beyond my wildest imagination. The Pyramid, Nile River, Al-Azhar Mosque, Karnak Temple, sunset in Alexandria… the memories will stay forever in my mind. It was such a precious time with my Muslimah Backpacker friends and I truly value the friendship we had.
  • Witnessing the true beauty of Istanbul on my birthday. I love love the city, breathtaking views of Bosphorus, the extraordinary Mosques, learn Islamic history, Sufi and spirituality, delicious food… I would love to go back, maybe to stay and write a novel then visit the land of Rumi: Konya.
  • If I should picked one highlight of 2013, then My 3 weeks IVLP: A New Beginning 2013 trip to US, invited by US State Department, along with fellow entrepreneurs from 28 different countries around the world, would be the most life changing moment this year. We spent our days with workshops, networking events, hospitality dinners, and simply getting to know American culture in Washington DC, Portland, Dallas and New York. I learned so much more in this trip, especially about my own self. Here I discover my love for salsa dance :D
  • Speaking for Makassar Writers Festival 2013, held the second year of Tulis Nusantara 2013 going to 12 cities around Indonesia to promote writing, launching my new book ‘Girls & Tech’ and launching a new project The Traveling Words with Hanny, are some of my books and writing accomplishment this year.
  • This month alone, December 2013 I finished writing 2 books and send out the first draft to editor. Hopefully the books will be out in the early 2014.
  • For the first time Pink Mosques ladies met and travel to visit a Mosque together. We went to Masjid Sultan in Singapore, found an Islamic bookstore ‘Wardah Books’ full of rare books about Islam near the Masjid, we stayed in a hostel like a true backpacker hehe and we enjoy Swan Lake by Bolshoi Ballet. It was such a precious weekend!
  • Feel more connected with my solid team
  • Met my new ‘daughters’ who have been facing challenges in life but not giving up. I truly inspired by them
  • Mentor amazing girls and watch them shine

What not went well:

  • From mid 2013, after my birthday to be exact, I started to feel lost for no specific reason. Now, after a lot of self evaluation and analyzing what’s been happening, by writing ALL my feelings down for 6 months, I think I have started to understand the root of it. Once I find the problem, I’m pretty sure I can, if not already, find the solution
  • I need to accelerate my businesses, I truly need some mentors and investors to help me, haven’t find one in 2013. Maybe because I’m not focusing myself in that direction yet
  • I have learn one or two things about crushing my own ego this year, it was not a pleasant experience, but I learned a lot from that situation
  • I have learned to let go of the ideal in my head and expectations

And last but not least, my hope and dreams, my New Year’s Resolutions for 2014:

  • Find the love of my life and build a family
  • Build a community center for readers and writers
  • Tap the global market including partnerships for my tech businesses
  • Get mentors and investors for my businesses
  • Write a novel
  • Start guiding people to use writing as a form of self-expression through Traveling Words workshops
  • Dance more
  • Family trip!

After spending my time writing, talking to people in private setting, reading some articles and (A LOT OF) books, I found a conclusion.

This is going to be my mantra for 2014:

The right love, enrich me. The right love, inspire me. The right love, bring out the best in me.

Happy New Year 2014, friends!




A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


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