My Experience with Touchscreen Ultrabook

Now that most of my gadgets are touchscreen, it’s natural to wanting a touchscreen Ultrabook for my daily use. And finally I got to experience it with my new Acer Aspire S7. It’s using the powerful Intel Core i7 and Windows 8. Hottest things combined in an already stylish, ultra-thin Ultrabook.

The first difference I notice was from the Metro UI start screen in Windows 8 and the swipe side ‘Charm bar’ that allow us to search, share, go to start screen and setting. It took a while for me to get used to it. But once you get the ‘rythm’, the swipe and type to search will come pretty handy.

Just like in tablet, you can install any apps possible from the store. Once you open an application, you can swipe down to close the app. swipe up to see the option of the apps, or swipe right to move to other applications.

Windows 8 is mentioned as one bold move of Microsoft because its ‘radical’ change from the previous Windows 7. Some of my notes about Windows 8; One of the apps that I often use is Skype, but for this Windows version, the feature in that app, is not complete. I can’t send files, and that can be annoying in business discussion. It’s also want me to use my Live account for accessing the apps, synchronized things, when I wasn’t really using Live that much, so I had no contacts nor calendar to synch from there. One more thing, multi-tasking is not very seamless in this OS, you constantly need to move from Metro UI to desktop. But I finally get a way of splitting the windows, so it can works side by side.

With S7 touchscreen Ultrabook, like in tablets, you can tap to select, pinch to enlarge, and doing so many other multi touch methods. It’s fascinating! So, if you’re like me, and you love to hang out in cafes, get ready to be asked by strangers about your chic S7. It’s proven to be a very effective ice breaker!



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