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Backpacking Trip to Egypt – Behind the Scene Photos

My backpacking trip to Egypt has so much stories that I can’t contain in one blog post. So, I thought, I want to share some of the ‘behind the scene’ photos of my trip thru Cairo, Luxor, Aswan and Alexandria, all taken with iPhone. Enjoy!

Eating burger and fries, Egyptian way
My Ollie shoes by - you can order your own shoes to her ;)
Syifa, 8 years old, the youngest in our group
I was tired after long walks and the heat, quick nap solved everything
We were too tired to walk and no bus or anything seen around Bab Zuwayla, then we decided to rent a pickup from the local :))
On my way to Luxor by train, I woke up to this view of sunrise
We must thank Risyan, Shohib, Linggha and Furqon, to be our male bestfriends for the whole trip who's been protecting us, taking our pictures and help us bargain in Arabic :))
At a small crowded toilet, in a Mosque in Luxor, I managed to spread my makeup brushes and put on full makeup. Victory!
The cleaning girls in the restroom had been watching me put on my makeup and when it's done, they cheer and give out their thumbs to show their support :D
At McDonald's behind Luxor Temple; This must be McDonald's with the best view ever
One of our best hotels while in Egypt
Our group always been the center of attention wherever we go
Inside the busy commuter train in Alexandria where I carry a 20kg luggage and another 8 kgs bag
Some parts of Egypt are surreal like in 1970 movie set
Bibliotheca Alexandrina, one of the biggest library in the world, my heaven on earth
Egypt has the best mango juice in the world!!
Playing board games at Farouk Cafe in Alexandria
The grave of Hussein ibn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad at Al-Hussein Mosque, Cairo. It was really packed on Friday.
Bought black abaya at Khan el-Khalili market, and asked Rahmah to take my photos around the neighbourhood :D
He recited Quran for us at Sultan Hassan Mosque, Cairo, Masha Allah beautiful recitation
Yes we went to the Mall like a true Jakartan :)) I went to get a book by Naguib Mahfouz, a Literary Nobel winner from Egypt
Unexpected meetup with my 'twitter twin' salsabeelaa :D What a coincidence! She said I should've speak about writing in front of Indonesian students in Cairo. I forgot to plan talks, because I thought I won
Finally witness this heartwarming moment with my own eyes
People may argue about definition of backpacking, but let's agree to disagree and let me just travel in style like the way I've always been ;)



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