Set Writing Goals for 2013

For the latest Nulis Buku Club meetup, we picked ‘Set Writing Goals for 2013‘ as the topic of the meetup. We invite one of the most productive writers, @IfaAvianty, writers of 70 books, to share her tips on setting writing goals.

Mbak Ifa explained that we have to check our time availibility, physical health, emotional state and other activities to measure before we set our writing goals because mbak Ifa believe we have to be rational in making effective goals.

Mbak Ifa can finish up to 2 books in a month, doing it in the same time, be able to switch easily between topics, in between juggling with her 3 children and housewive works. How she can do that? It’s practice, practice and practice. She said, write with your brain and heart. Because if you write with heart, your readers will read with their heart as well.

Personally, I also believe in setting goals, because goals will give us guidance and also motivation and energy to be productive. For this year, I divide my goals into 2 sections. One is finishing my pending books in progress, and the other one is planning new books.

This year I plan to finished new books:

  • 3 novels based on my personal experience with life (of course with a lot of fictional ‘spices’ in it)
  • Travel book (because it’s time to write one with a deep philosophical content in it)
  • Poetry book (because when you’re in love and in hurts, it’s natural thing to write poetry :D)
  • 3 motivational books (based on problems that I found or constantly asked to me)
  • Biography book (a long time plan that I never execute)

On my conversation with @NirEyal after his speaking session, he asked me how I can finished 25 books? I said, with a deadline.

I always use the ‘social push’ technique as well, just like this post, where I put my goals for the world to see, and they can either help me with resources, or give me a ‘gentle reminder’ from time to time. Yes, it’s a bit uncomfortable to make ourselves writing under pressure. But for me, readers are my priority. The ‘behind the creative process’ story is what create bond between writers and readers. And that’s actually the fun part of writing a book.

So, what’s your writing goals in 2013? Share me your plan!



  1. I experienced with goals of writing, but just a little i could achieved. I agree with you that pressure is needed to push ourself up start writing. Goals without any pressure and deadline make us complacent.. Thanks for the sharing


  2. I wish I can write a book, but really confused of what kind of it novel? politic or social book or book about nothing? huhu..have an advice?


  3. Banyak sekali buku yang sudah anda buat, saya jadi iri tapi saya masih sangat kesulitan dalam membuat karya tulis misal saja di blog, banyak kata dan kalimat yang masih kaku dan blepotan di sana – sini
    kedepannya makin sukses mbak :)


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