What The Plus! – Tips on Optimizing Your Google+ Account

I never do nothing too serious with my Google+ account but more than 10,000 people have me in their circles. I’m not sure, maybe because I got verified by Google Indonesia or they highlight me somewhere or I have a nice looking profile pic.

Or all of the above.

Seeing the potential, I decide to dedicate a whole new year day reading a book by Guy Kawasaki ‘What The Plus!‘ on how to optimizing your Google+ account. Guy is one evangelist for Google+ that this book is spread for free in a form of ebook by courtesy of Google. You can download What The Plus! here.

I took some notes on some eureka moments when I read this ebook:

  • What I confused the most about Google+ is about finding the right people to add to our circle. There’s a good tips to find a shared circle and add it like it yours. Search with this format > “shared a circle with you” “writer” > that means, I’m looking for circle of writers that I can add to my own Google+. You can change the ‘writer’ to any circle you wish to join. I join startup, technology, women, journalist, blogger circles.
  • What to share on Google+? Here are some ideas: Information, analysis, assistance, amusement, amazement, studies, food & recipes, everyday frustration, everyday satisfaction, titillation, celebs, and travel story.
  • On StartupLokal, Vishnu said to me, why I didn’t use Google Hangout to broadcast the event, live, and after it finished, it automatically uploaded to YouTube. I was like, we can do that?? Yes we can with Hang out on air option. Read the guide about Hangout on air here.
  • This is a very useful post about using Google Hangout to promote a book – inspire me to do the same for my books.
  • Guy Kawasaki also share several Chrome extensions for Google+ and this is one of them, extension for cross posting to twitter and facebook.

So, hope you have an awesome New Year!




7 thoughts on “What The Plus! – Tips on Optimizing Your Google+ Account

  1. salam kenal kakanda olli, saya sangat senang membaca buku kakak yg berjudul YES, YOU, CAN
    Saya juga sangat bangga melihat kakak karena perjuangan yang cukup gigih,
    dan saya juga pengen merealisasikan apa yang kakak jalani dalam perjuangan kakak


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