What The Plus! – Tips on Optimizing Your Google+ Account

I never do nothing too serious with my Google+ account but more than 10,000 people have me in their circles. I’m not sure, maybe because I got verified by Google Indonesia or they highlight me somewhere or I have a nice looking profile pic.

Or all of the above.

Seeing the potential, I decide to dedicate a whole new year day reading a book by Guy Kawasaki ‘What The Plus!‘ on how to optimizing your Google+ account. Guy is one evangelist for Google+ that this book is spread for free in a form of ebook by courtesy of Google. You can download What The Plus! here.

I took some notes on some eureka moments when I read this ebook:

  • What I confused the most about Google+ is about finding the right people to add to our circle. There’s a good tips to find a shared circle and add it like it yours. Search with this format > “shared a circle with you” “writer” > that means, I’m looking for circle of writers that I can add to my own Google+. You can change the ‘writer’ to any circle you wish to join. I join startup, technology, women, journalist, blogger circles.
  • What to share on Google+? Here are some ideas: Information, analysis, assistance, amusement, amazement, studies, food & recipes, everyday frustration, everyday satisfaction, titillation, celebs, and travel story.
  • On StartupLokal, Vishnu said to me, why I didn’t use Google Hangout to broadcast the event, live, and after it finished, it automatically uploaded to YouTube. I was like, we can do that?? Yes we can with Hang out on air option. Read the guide about Hangout on air here.
  • This is a very useful post about using Google Hangout to promote a book – inspire me to do the same for my books.
  • Guy Kawasaki also share several Chrome extensions for Google+ and this is one of them, extension for cross posting to twitter and facebook.

So, hope you have an awesome New Year!




A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


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