Yes, You Can! Moment

When I was in studying in University, I usually go to Book Fair to get cheaper books, and attending talkshow by my favorite authors. One of them was Fira Basuki talkshow just outside Istora Senayan. After the event, I can’t manage to talk to her, so I chase her when she was walking inside, and asked for her autograph.

Fast forward, several years later, I stand in front of my readers (even after many years, I still can’t believe I actually have readers LOL), in the main stage of Indonesia Book Fair 2012, talking about my book, ‘Yes, You Can!‘ – people are actually coming to see me and it’s surely one of my Yes, You Can! Moments.

I share the stage with #YesUCanMoment winners on twitter. They share about their own Yes, You Can! Moments. Like Bona who’s trying to be, not only a teacher, but also educator to inspire his students to be creative and writer more. He proves that he’s succeeded in doing that, more of his students love writing now and already get some valuable achievements thru writing. There’s also Dina sharing her Yes, You Can Moment in her blog, Gita and Naya. Thank you very much for sharing your positive moments with us.

We also have in stage, Chapter band, singing my poetry. Chapter band’s vocalist, Gery, is actually my staff at the office, that has passion in singing. He agreed to make songs out of my 4 poetry just in 4 days. It’s his ‘Yes, You Can! Moment’ to be able to perform in the same place where Maroon 5 perform :D Watch Chapter Band sing one of my poetry: Let It Flow.

It’s amazing how things will go, when you can trust yourself and say, “Yes, I Can!”

If you have your own ‘Yes, You Can! Moment’ please write in Indonesian, minimum 5 pages A4, Times New Roman, 11, and send it to with subject: My Yes, You Can! Moment – if you’re selected, you’ll be in the same book with me for the next Yes, You Can! Series.

Have fun!

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Check more pictures of ‘Yes, You Can!’ talkshow on Indonesia Book Fair 2012



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