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‘Yes, You Can!’ Make Your Dreams Come True

It’s been 8 years since I published my first book. And last Saturday, September 15th, 2012, I launched my 25th book called, ‘Yes, You Can!‘ at Universitas Indonesia’s library. Thanks @NouraBooks and @UI_Library for making it happen.

It was a mixed feelings. I still can’t believe that there are people coming to an event just for me (and my book). I still can’t believe that thousands of people already read my books. I still can’t believe many things that happened to me, the person I’ve evolved to be.

I have changed from a regular ordinary student in my teens, to someone who has build high impact tech startups like, write 25 books, have my own boutique and named one of 50 inspiring people selected by editor in chiefs in Intisari Magazine this year, before I reach 30 years old.

I got a lot of questions from “How you do it in such a young age?” “How you can finished writing that many books?” “How to start?” “How to eliminate fear of starting?” etc.

I also met a lot of inspiring and successful people. I make sure I surround myself with those positive and supporting friends or new friends. I make a habit that everytime I meet them, I will notice their qualities and even asked them about the secret of their success, what is their values  in life.

My observation towards life, the answers of my successful friends about their success principal, the answers to the most asked questions for me, are all there in my new book, ‘Yes, You Can!’

For the launching event purpose, I invite my followers to share their #YesYouCan moments. Here are some of them:

@NyiPeDe@NouraBooks My #YesYouCan, menjadi TKW pula mewujudkan mimpi saya membangun pondok sederhana untuk ibu, kami tdk lgi kontrak :’)

@andifacino15 my #YesYouCan moment: mendapatkan motivasi dari @nulisbukuuntuk menerbitkan buku, dan akhirnya sudah menerbitkan lima buku.

@iiphcheMy #YesYouCan Moment: lulus spmb, komunikasi UI, di saat banyak org yg menganggap remeh dan bilang impian gue impossible. Thx to @FhiaFT

I am very pleased to let you know that this book has inspire many young people to do something with their life and they write to me to express that.

@kasihdita Mbak Ollie, bukunya keren! Hope I can be like you one day :)

@WangiMS Eh suka dengan part Susi, si office girl di #YesYouCan nya mbak @salsabeela. Nice!

@DianRuZZ “Appreciating People” di #YesYouCan nya Ollie kereeenn ^__^

@kretarianto I’ve read your #yesyoucan book. It’s a burst coming out from the hidden chest, inspirative!! Great job, Ollie!

Some of my readers write about it in their blogs:

So, if you’re curious, buy ‘Yes, You Can!‘ on your favorite bookstore (if you buy in you’ll get 15% OFF and my signature on the book). After you read, please mention me @salsabeela with your comment and rate & review the book in GoodReads or your blog.

All your dreams will come true. Yes, You Can!



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


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