AirAsia ASEAN, the regional base of AirAsia, was officially launched in Jakarta, August 7th 2012. My comment is only one: what took you so long :D

I have a lot of ‘romantic’ memories with AirAsia. With AirAsia, I took my first ASEAN trip with my bestfriends to Malaysia, Thailand and Singapore. All with a very low promo price, because AirAsia promise us that ‘everyone can fly’. Now, more people, indeed, can fly.

Now AirAsia add their commitment to ASEAN region, the home of 600 million people and huge market, and launched their office in Jakarta, near the headquarter of ASEAN secretariat. You can see AirAsia ambitious vision with ASEAN market when they flew us 3 years ago to 3 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand) in one day on ASEAN day. It was a very cool experience.

Behind a visionary airline, there must be an inspiring CEO. And the guy is Tony Fernandes. Not only AirAsia ASEAN find home in Jakarta, but also Tony. He’s moving here. It’s his dream to stay in Jakarta, he said (Well, me too. But I have achieved it 12 years ago, Tony hehehe). With their own office, now the management team of AirAsia can fully focus to handle the ASEAN region. And I hope that means new routes to new exotic places in ASEAN.

AirAsia just open new route to Clark, Philippines. I guess my desire to visit Boracay will soon come true. To celebrate AirAsia ASEAN they just make a special campaign from 7-12 August 2012. Go check their website or ask @aseanita about it.

Happy traveling!




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