From Bincang Edukasi 09: Explore Your Dreams

When I was attending Bincang Edukasi 09 with inspiring speakers: Salma Rahman (storytelling as education tool), Harini TunjungSari (dance as education tool), Monika Irawati @irra22 talk about visual thinking for children,  @ivanlanin talk about Wikipedia as education source, last but not least, Ratna Djuwita (lecturer/psychologist) talk about bullying in school, I thought, this is exactly what I needed when I was a child: a creative learning.

I’m impressed with Picture Me Indonesia. Mbak @irra22 explained about how @PictureMeIndo try to help children explore their uniqueness and strength to eventually explore their dreams.

This is what I had in mind when last year I was speaking at a writing workshop, asking children to write about their dream, and they’re confused. They don’t have a dream, they don’t know what they want to do when they grow up, they simply worry about today, and it’s breaking my heart because when you’re a child, you supposed to dream as high, as crazy, as enormous as possible.

Then Mbak Ira share to us about students at @PictureMeIndo.

Meet Tata. She has a dream to published her own comic book, and launch it. She made and visualize her plan. Do it one step at a time. And finally, after just 7 months, she successfuly realized her dream, in exactly the same way as what she has imagined! (She draw people lining up to get her signature, and that’s exactly what’s happened)

This is Jingga. She’s going to published an autobiography about 9 years of her life. She’s preparing the outline and going to write it soon!

I am so amazed. These kids has been enjoying their time playing and learning in the same time, finding the path to their bigger dreams, to a better life.

As they have found their passion, have you find what you’ve been looking for?

Bincang Edukasi was founded in 2011 by education concerned people (including me and my best buddy @Kreshna). We made Bincang Edukasi bimonthly meetup (Bined), brainstormed in Jakarta & Surabaya, started in Surabaya, now spreading to big cities in Indonesia like Bandung and Jakarta. The main objective of the meetup was to invite great ‘teacher’ in society and let them inspire us, parents, teachers, education-enthusiasts, to adopt their techniques or to do our own educational movements for better Indonesia. Check our hashtag #twitedu and twitter @bincangedukasi for updates on our next events.



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