Ramadan Preparation

Alhamdulillah we will welcome fasting month soon. Insha Allah, the weather is good as always, so there will be no problem. The productivity supposed to be unaffected. It’s the time of the year where I want to focus on detoxing my body and soul.

I have several plans:

  • Finish reading the whole Quran tafseer (minimum 4 pages after prayers)
  • Find lessons in the Quran verses and write about it in my Tumblr
  • Collect my writing into an Islamic book
  • Read solely Islamic books or articles
  • Giveaway Islamic books
  • Visiting different Masjids at least 3 Masjids a week
  • Writing for PinkMosques
  • Attending religious gathering
  • Meeting my religious friends or new friends to get their insights on life in general :D
  • Sharing/giving motivational talks in Masjids/Religious gathering
  • Try to give more of the cheapest shadaqah: smile
  • Giving more shadaqah jariyah
  • Doing more social activities including writing and reading
  • Going out of town or country for Masjids/Religious gathering
  • Wearing more loose fitting dress, limited edition by Salsabeela will come soon :D
  • I’tikaf in Masjid

Let’s say the ‘not eating’ part and the 5 times prayers are all a total must. So I’m not putting it in the plans :D Insha Allah, God will give me strength to do all that.

So, what is your Ramadan preparation plan? Share it in comment box bellow ;)



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