The Coffee Shop Chronicles

I think most of us have experience this when we’re in coffee shop: we watch people. And our imagination grow.

That’s exactly what’s in the mind of 22 writers of “The Coffee Shop Chronicles” when they start writing a collaboration book about situation in a coffee shop in one day from the point of view of each of the guest (even from a coffee cup point of view :D)

The writers started writing and self published their book at @nulisbuku. We at see the potential of the book and submit it to major publisher: byPASS. byPASS agreed to publish The Coffee Shop Chroniclesand on Sunday, June 3rd 2012, the book was officially launched at Gramedia Depok.

This is to mark the first book helped to published majorly by NB Literary (Nulis Buku Literary Agency). We expect more books from to be published in other major publishers soon!

Special thanks to 22 writers represented by Aditia Yudis (@adit_adit), Yuska Vonita (@yuska77) and Ifnur Hikmah (@iiphche) for having the courage to write. For Momo @momo_DMcoming all the way from Lombok! Hope you enjoy signing your book for your readers ^_^

Special thanks for Pak @suripprayugofrom byPASS @buku_larisfor all the good partnership.

The Coffee Shop Chronicles now available at

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  • Surip Prayugo

    Saya sampaikan terima kasih atas kerja sama apiknya kepada para penulis “The Coffee Shop Chronicles” (Mba Adit, Mba Yuska, Mba Ifnur, dkk) dengan kobar semangat tinggi terus mengenalkan karyanya pada lini massa, bu Ollie yang telah berjuang untuk bisa hadir pada acara peluncuran buku ini, serta mas Ega yang telah membuat acara jadi keren. Tak lupa juga buat teman-teman audien, karena Anda acara ini jadi lebih bermakna. TB Gramedia dan teman-teman dari Niaga Swadaya (mas Bagus dan Mas Joko), terima kasih atas bantuannya :)


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