Salsabeela Boutique

So happy to finally launch Salsabeela Boutique at Jl. Cipete Raya No. 9, Jakarta Selatan, Indonesia (just in front of Black Canyon Cafe). Here you can shop Salsabeela’s collection, offline.

At the launch event, Mbak Alberthiene Endah, my favorite writer and inspiration, come to be a moderator at the talk show with me and Mbak Yulia Astuti, founder of Moz5 Salon & MoAyu.

It’s a wonderful afternoon.  Thank you friends for coming & support Salsabeela. Also thanks to Moz5 Salon & MoAyu for your support!

I’d like to share a story about my friend Wulan who’s been confused on how to keep up with hijab update :D On Salsabeela boutique, I totally change her outfit, Salsabeela way :D

If you see on the pic, I’m wearing a black dress, it’s the teaser of upcoming Salsabeela Glam: Salsabeela new line in party and glamour dress. Stay tuned!






  1. As..mau tanya,mba jualan pkean bekas?sy tertarik jga pengen coba,tpi tdk tau harus pesan di mana,trus tempt tingl sy jauh (sulawesi tengah)bantu sy dong mbak !!


  2. ya ampuuun, serius itu bajunya dijualin?
    saya liatnya aja malu, gimana mau pake
    kaya tukang sulap…. beneran.
    gimana kalo yg simple2 aja


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