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As promised, I’m launching today!

Being a fashion designer has been my dream, and dreams do come true. It was a very fast process. We have the idea in December 2011. Execute it in January. Finished design concept and everything by early February. And start producing, til it’s now ready for you guys to see.

One thing I learn from Salsabeela’s preparation is that my partner always give me deadlines (and it’s a very tight one). Submit my designs by this date, find model by that date, and so on.

A goal is a dream with deadlines indeed.

Salsabeela’s first collection is called: Prologue. I’m a writer, so everything about my fashion line must have something to do with writing. So, you’ll see a synopsis, novel, basic draft t-shirt, flashback polka dots shirt, and more :D I intend to put more of this writing energy into my designs for the second collection. Just stay tuned!

For me, Salsabeela’s collection is flattering, make you look slimmer, boost your confidence, and after wearing it myself since last week, I feel that Salsabeela’s the kind of outfit that will make people make that 3 seconds look at you (in a good way)! Salsabeela’s is a statement! With statement, people notice and remember you, and it’s one of key of networking success especially in business.

I have no background in fashion, but I love it very much and some people say I have good sense of it due to my personal experiments in the past year. You can read about it in SalsabeelaShop Blog. In 2 months while preparing Salsabeela, I read a lot of fashion and marketing books, met and chat with fashion people, attending fashion shows at Indonesia Fashion Week 2012, getting photographed by fashion blogger from London :D And it’s been a joyful journey.

And when you feel joy, you know you’re walking on the right path. Insha Allah.

I’d like to share the joy by making a writing competition to welcome Salsabeela. The prize is having a make over with Salsabeela’s collection and makeup by Moz5 Salon. Also first winner will get a beauty package by MoAyu :D 5 other winners each will get 1 of my hijab collection called Rose Hijab series. Rose hijab is one of Salsabeela’s innovations in hijab shape. So… I hope you’re excited :D Please click here to know how to participate in Salsabeela’s writing competition.

And now, without further due, please welcome: Salsabeela by Ollie.



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


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