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I have just published 2 books in the past 2 months, they are Cerita SahabatRahasia Penulis Hebat Menciptakan karakter tokoh. Both of the books are published at Gramedia Pustaka Utama (GPU), they’re one of the biggest publishers in Indonesia, and I’m excited to partner with a lot of great writers in those books.

But the thing is, in 2011, I only published 1 book that I write entirely, it was Easy Biz, a business book.

I said once, the only thing that can stop us being professional is personal problem. By personal problem means problems with your family and loved ones. And when I was having major personal problem, I can’t write at all for months.

When now, things are pretty ‘stable’, of course I need to write again. One whole tens of pages book, at least.

Problem is, I forgot the feeling of  ‘marathon’ pace in writing books and I have to adapt all over again. Sometimes I feel like I’m blocked. People say it’s writer’s block. I simply call it: confusion.

I have this 50 pages something non-fiction script that is pretty much undone and need more revisions and writing to complete. My editor giving me a proper deadline for it. For days, I can only stare at the notes he made. I was overwhelmed. Then I try to loosen up. I treat the article I wrote for the book, as a simple blog post. I even write it in my blog’s new post section just to get the feeling. That way, because I don’t get overwhelmed by the size of my writing, I can calmly dig within myself, write with no burden. And I manage to write nice piece to add to my upcoming book.

On a long holiday last week, my parents ask me to go to the beach with them, I said no. I want to write. I intend to finish my book. Surprisingly, it only needs a day to do revisions and write more articles for the book. And one more day to get my friend to read and edit it, and me writing the new revision, then send it to my editor. Day 3, I can snack and watch dvds. The book is pretty much done very fast, when I focus.

For fiction, I should write a new novel but I have no idea what should I write. I tried to compose an outline but the plot is not that catchy. I continue searching for the inspiration.

Meanwhile, I keep writing whatever on my mind everyday on my Tumblr. It’s ‘uncensored’ and very personal. It’s my journal of reaction. And by writing regularly, I can keep my fingers unrusty. One day, I read an interesting article on other people’s blog  about old books, and my mind wander, in romantic dreamy way. What if… what ifs… and then I start writing the what ifs. And it’s become a lovely story outline. Now it’s time to write it and I think I’ll have no problem because it’s something that I love and passionate about.

Don’t forget to always open your eyes, heart, mind, soul… write when inspired, write to inspire.

Happy writing!



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO Storial.co & NulisBuku.com. Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.

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