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Welcoming Mark Wang of GEPI

Last night we welcome Mark Wang, Executive Director of GEPI (Global Entrepreneurship Program Indonesia) to Jakarta. I like him a lot. His body language is very open, vibrant and energetic. He’s enthusiast and clearly passionate on what he’s doing. He’d listen carefully for everything I said and give positive feedbacks the whole time. This is how people should be. And I am very optimistic for GEPI to make a greater change with him onboard.

Phil said to me, “His English is very good.” – It’s clear to me that Mark’s an American. How come Phil didn’t know that. He’s American, he should’ve sense it :)) I finally asked Mark, and he said he’s from Canada but spend a long while in New York before doing  social entrepreneurship in Thailand.

“This is exactly why I joined GEPI. My passion is in social entrepreneurship, and what entrepreneur like you usually do, is to fix problems. And I want to involve in it.”

Good luck, Mark. We definitely have more to discuss about #StartupLokal community. Welcome to Jakarta!




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