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11 Presentation Tips for Success

You have to communicate the goals of your enterprise and rally your employees around them, and the most effective way to that is still the spoken word. – @EricSchurenberg[click to tweet]

Last week I have lunch with @Sumartok, he’s the founder of @Presentonomics, a company that helps people with their presentation.

I see a lot of people have great ideas in their mind but they’re not able to communicate it in the best way. Maybe the way their presentation look (too much bullets and information in 1 slide) or maybe the way they speak and present themselves. And I really afraid that I could be one of them.

So I asked Sumartok what’s the most important tips for presenting our ideas. And here are some of his answers (it’s tweetable tips so you can click to tweet any tips you like):

  1. Understand your audience first before you create your presentation [click to tweet]
  2. Put sample of your audience’s daily life in your presentation [click to tweet]
  3. Keep the presentation simple. Picture speaks thousand words [click to tweet]
  4. There are 2 styles in presenting: with story or logic/facts. Choose the right style [click to tweet]
  5. Open your presentation with quotes/story/statistics [click to tweet]
  6. Presentation goals: answer what people need & know what’s most important of it [click to tweet]
  7. Don’t be over-present. Choose your angle/perspective [click to tweet]
  8. Ideally for 15 mins presentation, you’ll need 20 slides [click to tweet]
  9. Create pause moments in your presentation [click to tweet]
  10. For 1 hour presentation, allocate time to share your stage with audiences [click to tweet]
  11. Structure of a presentation: start with problems & end with solutions [click to tweet]

I also asked him about how to present in front of foreign audiences. He suggest the content should bring local insights, take from unique angle, learn local habits in the place you do the presentation and you can compare with your own country’s situation.

We’re also updating each other’s latest news. He’s growing from a ‘regular’ employee working for companies to entrepreneur with several businesses at once. All because his ability to communicate his ideas (to people/boss/investors) thru presentations. You can check more presentation tips from Presentonomics here:

Thank you Sumartok & Presentonomics. All the best for your new venture!

Hope you all enjoy the new look of my blog and happy new year 2012!



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