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Neil Gaimain said, “Writers may be solitary but they also tend to flock together: they like being solitary together.

This is true and explain everything I felt in the past years. I always been the most quiet person when there’s many people around. I love their presence but I don’t feel like interacting with them (my original personality is this). So, that’s the ‘solitary together’ feeling.

When we first started Nulis Buku Club in January 2010, we thought why there’s no writing club around? Maybe it’s because writers just want to write and be alone most of the time. I got a friend, I think she already published 100++ children books & novels. But never once, she can have the time to go out and meet me somewhere. She just want to write.

I completely understand that writers find it easier to say something with words than speaking it. But to be able to share, especially with new writers, on how you’re doing what you’re doing, really would mean something for the community. The more people inspired to write, the more brilliant thoughts unleashed and spread to the world.

With that passion to share in mind, me and friends of celebrate our birthday on 11.11.11 with books launching & talkshow. Normal, every day people, can be a writer and can have a chance to have a cool book launch event too! I know the feeling when you’re on stage and watched by 150 people for the first time. That’ll be one of the best moments of your life.

For this 11.11.11 event too, I wrote 2 pieces of my mind in 2 different kind of books. I told people that these are books that you won’t find me write it before. One is a spiritual book called ‘1111’ talk about my spiritual experience with the number 1111 and another is a gloomy, dark, inspired by true story writing in a book titled ‘I Love the Way You Lie’. It’s one of 11 projects in 11 days that we did on twitter. All books can be bought at or follow us on twitter @nulisbuku

One more powerful event last week called Wordisme. I speak to Mbak @AlberthieneEone day. I said I want to be a successful biography writer just like her. I want her to teach me. She said, instead she want to teach more people. Then she came up with idea of not only teaching biography writing, but also magazine, novel, blog & scriptwriting. We form a team, and make it happened yesterday, November 19, 2011. The line of speakers & moderators was amazing. All great writers. 350 people from all over Indonesia  packed the room, and from the conversation on twitter @wordismeID  #wordisme – I know they’re all super inspired!

I have a session too in Wordisme with Raditya Dika. We’re talking about blog writing, and how from blog, it can get you further to your goals & dreams. Everybody knows who he is, a blogger turn best selling author, movie actor, standup comedian, famous with more than 1 million followers on twitter and people knows how funny he can be. And I was trying hard to keep up with him :)) But of course it’s always back to the nature of the people. He’s been my bestfriend, so the conversation went natural. Thanks to moderator @miund so we can keep the flow fresh. I am grateful that @RadityaDika also  support me by telling people the story that inspire also telling people that he read my first novel back then and he love it. Thank you Radith *big hug*

If you want to check a complete summary of Wordisme please check here

I want to thank all of NulisBuku team and Wordisme team to make all the great events happen. You know who you are. Also a huge huge thanks for mbak AE for the opportunities.

Coming up next, there’s a event too at FIMELA Fest, November 26, 1pm – 3pm at Mini Stage, Level One, Grand Indonesia. You can register here.

We’ll have ideas meet opportunities session on Writer & Publisher at ON | OFF (Pesta Blogger 2011). Save the date December 3rd, 2011. Watch the @onoffIDtimeline & website

See you around!



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


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