11 Things to be Thankful For in 11.11.11

Today is a special day. 11-11-11 – it only comes once in 100 years. It also has a lot of deep spiritual meaning. I wrote some about my experience with 1111 in a book titled 1111 that will be launched today on 1st Birthday Party.

I really wanted to post a special blog post for today. Since the date number will create a great URL link hehe. And I decide to write about 11 things I am grateful for (apart from the obvious: complete body parts, oxygen and all), and here they are:

  1. Health
    I’ve been very busy in the past year. Always come home late, around 11pm. Attend meetings. Going out of town a lot. And many other activities regarding my job. But I never get sick. That’s amazing. Alhamdulillah! I never really had vitamins because I can’t swallow tablets :p I never do sport, I hate it. I don’t eat vegetables, I don’t like it that much. So, my health completely come out of God’s mercy. Met a friend yesterday, he said in the most plain tone: “You’re always healthy because you have a kind heart.” -awww… thanks :p
  2. My Family
    I am grateful to have them. I don’t understand people who take their family for granted. I know people said, “I’m working hard for my family.” – Yes, but your family also need you(r time)! In fact, when you’re sick and down, your job/career/money can’t be in your bed side and comfort you. Right?
  3. My Best Friends
    I have a lot of friends that I am grateful for too, but my best friends are the one who understand me. With them, I can talk (or not talking) about everything. They will always there for me.
  4. I’m Doing what I Love
    I love everything I do. From writing, business in books, etc, I don’t feel like working at all. Everyday is flexible playing time.
  5. I can Share More
    God give me more love and it’s overflowing the people or children who needed it the most. God give me more power so I can do better for my community. God give me more money so I can give back & empower others. God give me more knowledge so I can share. Alhamdulillah!
  6. A Comfortable Life
    I have all that I need. And I live my life comfortably. I don’t have debts. I can buy what I want, when I want it; all enough for me. Masha Allah, God is Great!
  7. Amazing Partners
    Me & my partners, we found each other. And I am thankful that they’re just as passionate in doing what we’re doing, they’ve been aware to all my activities, cover me when I am not around, support me when I needed the most, understand me in the most difficult time of my life, and I couldn’t ask for more!
  8. Being a Mechanical Right
    This is a new term that I introduced a while ago on TwitTalk Ebook that wrote about my profile. God has given us right and left brain. And I use them both in balance. That means, I wrote creative books (very right brain), but I finished it in mechanical (left brain) way: in strict deadlines. Not everybody agree with the concept, but it works for me and I can get things done.
  9. Internet
    I can’t imagine not having one. Well, I know I was born in a non internet era *cough* but, I just can’t imagine not having… Google… Blogs… Twitter… Facebook… life going to be incomplete! *drama*
  10. iPhone
    A life-changing gadget. If you don’t have it yet, you should. I work more effectively and also enjoying my hobby (taking pic of myself hehe) with this thing. It can do more things that you can’t imagine before. You should get one!
  11. My Saviours
    God send them. They’re the one who out of nowhere come to help me cope with my life. They can be a complete stranger on the street, new best friends, romantic life companion, can be anyone that put there to specificly helps me thru the most difficult times. I thank God and thank you for being in my life.

That’s the 11 things I am grateful for. What’s yours? Leave me your link in the comment box, I’ll check ’em!

Have a blessed & happy Friday!



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