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Intel & I

I have the priviledge to have dinner and chat with Intel’s Director of social media, Becky Brown. She’s in Jakarta to meet Intel Indonesia team that has been very creative and successful in doing social media campaign.

At the dinner I also meet other Intel friends like Jamshed from Intel Singapore and Dottie (my good friend that recommend me to Becky, thanks much :x) & Hizam from Intel Indonesia.

After a while I just realized that they’re THE Intel people. They’re the people behind processors that make things happened! I want to kiss them one by one! (Okay maybe only Becky & Dottie hehe)

Intel Visual Life videos have been my favorite. Been watching all of their videos because they’re very inspiring documentary. It has everything you need in a video. Good content, great inspiring message, and amazing visual.

So we ended up talking about the making of Indonesian version of Intel Visual Life video, it’s about Batik Fractal. Interesting share from Hizam about behind the scene of the video!

Meanwhile, I want to share you one of the most inspiring videos of Intel Visual Life, it’s about Michael Wolff and his life philosophy.

I have three muscles, without which I couldn’t do my work. The first is curiosity. (You can call it inquisitiveness, you can call it questioning.) The second muscle [is] the muscle of appreciation. It’s not questioning so much as it is noticing… how joyful things can be, how colorful things can be, what already exists as an inspiration. The muscle of curiosity and the muscle of appreciation enable the muscle of imagination. -Michael Wolff

Check it out, you’ll love it!



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