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Using Internet to Decide What to Wear

Most girls have trouble getting dress every morning. Even though they have a lot of clothes, they always say: “I have nothing on my closet!” – I said things like this too and my home assistant will say: “What do you mean? You have a lot of clothes!” :))

I realized that the trouble is not about we don’t have clothes, but we don’t have any idea to mix-match what we had. So the first thing I do is organizing my closet. I just turn my other room into a walk-in closet and organized the items carefully. Mostly organize it by the type of items, I will group the edgy pants and separate them from the formal one.

To buy new clothes, I’ll be very specific so I don’t get overwhelmed with a lot of things in the store. I’ll check on magazines (online or offline) and also Google “Fashion Trend October 2011” for example. I’d know that polkadots, neon colors pants and for people in the West is all about coat now that currently in. After knowing the fact, I’ll focus on only buying those items when shopping. Take risks! Don’t just buy what you always buy, e.g. that dark colors with ‘safe’ models. Of course, we should’ve had all the basics first like black pants, white shirt, etc.

One most important things that I do every morning is Google my mix-and-match outfits. First of all, choose one fashion statement that you want to declare. For example, today I choose to have my Orange Pants as my fashion statement. Then I will Google the image of “Orange Pants” and it will come up with several tops combination pictures that will give you the inspiration.

Et, voila!

Inspired to post after posting my style of the day in The Urban Muslimah forum



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