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The Signs

I believe in life signs and nothing in this world is a coincidence. Sometimes I believe it too much that my friend @b4nch4would say, “You’re the only person I know that would buy gadgets by seeing signs!” :))

By believing in that, I become a calmer individual. Bad things that happened won’t pissed me off that much. Just like yesterday…

I am dead busy. Need to take care of a lot of things. My schedule is full ’til the end of the month. And even though I love what I’m doing, at some point I am tired.

I was surprised that my assistant manage to give me time to go to my acupuncturist yesterday. I felt guilty to go there on my busy schedule. I was about to cancel when my assistant said she just rescheduled me to the afternoon session. I see it as a sign, so I’m on with the plan despite my piling up to-do list.

I had a condition that make me need to meet my acupuncturist regularly. But I haven’t had chance to go back for months. She’s a famous and busy acupuncturist, as usual, I have to wait in line, try killing time tweeting. But suddenly none of my gadget works for that purpose. 3G is on but it didn’t connected. I see it as a sign. I take out Aleph by Paulo Coelho and enjoy reading instead. The book has successfully pull me in and I lost count of time ’til I heard they call my name.

My acupunturist smirked when she recognized me. She’s doing the usual cold hard procedure of stabbing me with needles. And before I begin to scream, she’s already done. “Did you lost your progress book again?” She said without looking at me, writing down something on her note. Ups. I did. I walked out from her office feeling like I have accomplished something for myself.

I had few hours to kill before my next event and I jump to a small shopping mall in front of the dr office. I skip lunch, starving, and I need some
snacks. Well, I thought I need snack. I stop at the duck restaurant where they served a huge crispy duck. Too big for a snack. But I am meant to properly eat. So I eat, enjoying my food wholeheartedly, because I still can’t connect to twitter.

I’ve been carry-ing a huge heavy bag daily and it started to hurt me. I visit a small spa space where they offer relaxing massage package. I enjoyed my massage for an hour, even asking for additional head + ear massage too, felt totally relaxed and recharged!

When all my self-indulgence finished, it seems that the connection start to work again. Messages from my assistant started flowing in. And I can handle it with better energy.

The day was closed nicely; having a good laugh with friends. The only person had problem was my mom: “You’re not tweeting for 6 hours! Are you okay??” She said on the phone.

I chuckled. Now the sign of my existence is my tweet.

“I’m okay, mom. I am more than okay.”



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  • Kerem

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