Success = Less Sleep?

I was introduced to someone at an event. My friend would introduced me as writer and entrepreneur. And I got this comment about my sleep. “Wow! You must have less sleep!” I thought it was true. But then I make a fun research on how much sleep I have per day. (Not much research, only checking my last tweet hehehe). Turned out I slept on about 6 – 10 hours a day. That is so normal and almost too much :))

So, I guess my sleep has nothing to do with the quantity of works that I’m doing. At night, I never had energy to do anything because I already tired. I can’t think much. That’s why I’m so amazed with my journalist friend @shirleydaily that still can write amazing piece of article at 4 am in the morning after interviewing us at 2 am :))

I prefer to manage my energy. And I think that’s the key. When I’m tired at night, I prefer to read (books, tweets or feeds) and digest new knowledge. In the morning when I wake up, I go straight to writing, making concept, scratching visions, making presentation slides, etc that need full focus & concentration. Later on, I can continue working on my daily operational life such as read and answering 100 emails :))

When I need to go to meetings, between traffic, I always try to have power nap too so I can refresh and at my best condition to follow the meeting.

I find Wunderlist is a perfect to-do list app, so I can easily sync and prioritize on what should be done.

Have a productive day!





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  • Linda

    it might be different if you have kids Ollie, especially kids under 3-year-old :). Your days would be hers/his, and you would spend your night struggle to write with the remaining energy :p. Okay, that’s happenned to me *curcol*. Anyway, good luck Ollie!


  • Nuniek Tirta

    Hahaha I thought it was me who wrote the comment before this, krn sama, LOL.

    I once told u this and really wanna say it again:
    Enjoy ur free, single time. Coz when u’re married n have kids, there will always be either entertaining or annoying distraction :D that sometimes u will miss ur single time, and “productivity” output comes into intangible things. (Not that I’m complaining, but it’s just slightly different).

    Kalo dulu sblm nikah n punya anak, hasil produktivitas bisa langsung kelihatan dlm jangka pendek, stlh nikah n punya anak, rasanya jauh lebih produktif dan energy absorbing tapi hasilnya nggak bisa segera terlihat, it takes much more time :)


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