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It’s an honor for me to meet Peter Pezaris, the founder and CEO of, also David Hersh, Chief Product Officer and Daniel Tumiwa, Country Manager Indonesia, at office warming event.

A little bit about Multiply quoted from their website:

From its origins as a place to share photos, videos and more with people you care about in real life, Multiply has evolved into a vibrant Social Shopping destination that connects online merchants with shoppers interested in all kinds of products and services, from clothing and jewelry to electronics and appliances.

Launched in 2004, and headquartered in Boca Raton, Florida, USA, Multiply is also the second largest social network in Southeast Asia, with millions of additional users in the US, Brazil, India, and more, where friends and family continue to share their memories, their stories, their reviews, and their shopping recommendations.

I wrote a book titled “Membuat Toko Online dengan Multiply” or “Making Online Store with Multiply” long before Multiply decided to be a social commerce platform. I saw the trend in Indonesian Multipliers that they’re starting to create store out of the complete features of (where guestbook, photo album, and not to mention blog engine is already included in one package) and my publisher decided that we should create a how-to book about it. Of course there are controversy over Multiply Stores that time, as Multiply actually forbid people using their blog to do commercial activities. But they eventually listen to their costumers (their biggest market), and evolve into a social commerce platform like what we see today. Multiply has evolve to grow.

And I’d like to congratulate once again on the opening of the Multiply office in Indonesia and I really hope Multiply can contribute to the growth of small businesses in Indonesia. Have fun!



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