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Have Idea? Can’t Execute? Find a Technical co-Founder!

I heard this a lot from people who want to start their own digital startup:  “Ollie, I have ideas, but I can’t do programming. I can’t execute my ideas!”

The answer is simple: collaborate! Find a technical co-founder. Where to find them? Go to networking events for IT people. One of them is #StartupLokal meetup that we run  every month. Info of our next events would be in and twitter @startuplokal stay tune!

Here are points from

  • Solo founders take 3.6x longer to reach scale stage compared to a founding team of 2 and they are 2.3x less likely to pivot.
  • Business-heavy founding teams are 6.2x more likely to successfully scale with sales driven startups than with product centric startups.
  • Technical-heavy founding teams are 3.3x more likely to successfully scale with product-centric startups with no network effects than with product-centric startups that have network effects.
  • Balanced teams with one technical founder and one business founder raise 30% more money, have 2.9x more user growth and are 19% less likely to scale prematurely than technical or business-heavy founding teams.
  • Most successful founders are driven by impact rather than experience or money.

Inspired and copied from @nataliardianto‘s email :))



A writer of 30 books. Co-Founder & CMO & Initiate StartupLokal, the biggest startup community in Indonesia. Co-Managing Director of Girls in Tech Indonesia.


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